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Nissan Service Centre Reviews

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3 days ago
"I leased a Nissan Rouge 2015 and agreed with the sales man and the sales manager to a leased end insurance (I had 2 witnesses in the room + the sales man and the sales manager), when I returned the car to the dealer to get another one they didn't even check the car they simply received it and then gave me the new one. Almost 4 months later I received a phone call from Nissan Finance asking me to pay almost $1,200.00 and when I told the agent that I had a lease end insurance, the agent told me: go to dealer and make him send it to me (instead of the agent call the dealer and solve the issue internally). I went to the dealer he pulled an insurance document which is not signed by me and said that this my insurance then the dealer sent it to Nissan Finance. nobody talked to me since then of a sudden "last week" I found out that Nissan Finance transferred me to collection by chance. Nissan Finance told me I should have went to the insurance company before I handover the car (instead of Nissan dealing with their insurance company Nissan provided) then I found out that the insurance company is not dealing with Nissan anymore. NOW MY QUESTION IS SIMPLE: Is it because you terminated your contract with the insurance company, I have to pay? regardless that I was paying $+20.00/month for almost 4 years (check my bills) for a lease-end insurance."
6 days ago
"Ahmed Eltayeb is such a great sales consultant. He explained well about the new 2020 Pathfinder we purchased.He earned our trust! Very respectful and accommodating to his clients. More sales and clients for you Ahmed! "