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"I would have picked lower if I could. I bought a Nissan Titan pick up truck from them in 2019 and less than 1 yr later they had to replace the engine. This was a manufactures defect which they did replace under warranty. However 8-9 months later while headed to my cottage a radiator hose falls off due to a hose clamp failure because they used old parts when fixing my engine. I end up stranded on the side of the road until someone stops and then drives to their home and gets me a hose clamp and some water to refill my rad. I take my truck to Ajax Nissan and tell the service advisor what happened and told them I needed to have the coolant changed because it is now mostly water and because they used old parts I felt like they should have paid for it. The service manager thought their poor workmanship and me being stranded on the side of the road was worth a whole $9.50 discount off of the $189.00 coolant flush that their poor workmanship required me to get. Well thanks a lot and I will never buy another Nissan or recommend anyone who has one to use this dealership."
"The service advisor was very helpful he provided excellent service. Thank you for the help. "