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3 days ago
"Service Advisor Mike always makes solid recommendations that I can rely on when getting my vehicle serviced. He explains the service and cost very well. Takes the extra step to support the customer . "
5 days ago
"We received the worst service possible I booked an appointment for my 4 service vehicles to have the snow tires installed + Oil Change for Friday Nov 18, 2022 2 Vehicles were done by the end of the day. The other 2 vehicles did not get completed. Saturday morning, I called the dealership and was informed that one more vehicle was completed. I asked about the fourth and was informed it was not done. When I picked up the 3rd vehicle a customer walked in, dropped off their keys and said they would be back in 2 hours. "yes, no problem, it will be ready" I asked about my vehicle and was told it will likely not get done. I called a couple hours later and was informed that the Service Manager instructed the staff that under no circumstances, any vehicles dropped off on Friday were not to be touched. Only Saturday appointments. Needless to say I am highly disappointed!"