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Jeep Service Centre Reviews

Latest Reviews

3 days ago
"I bought a Jeep Cherokee there in 2016 and purchased the extended warranty as well. A big mistake never do it - Nothing was covered and for the price of this I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. The oil changes they are recommending are a joke and they were upselling my wife things we didn't need and therefore I never went back to the service department. I was checking on winter tires and was treated as I was doing them a favour and giving a lecture which tires I should not buy and only buy theirs. My AC always said on HI on the passenger side and after I spent money on the diagnostics I was told "nothing we can do". In other word once the papers are signed they don't care at all anymore. The salesman was beyond lame and showed me nothing how the car works. There was no GPS as promised and only after some haggling they installed it. It sucks anyways never get the GPS for Jeep because it is so outdated and can't differentiate between US and Canada. Also there annoying sales department was hounding me to trade in my vehicle only after I had it for a few weeks. They kept on calling me at work with stupid suggestions and then never called me back anyhow, which was going on for years. In other words one of the worst dealerships I had to deal with and I will never ever give them a cent of my hard earned money. The Jeep is gone and so are the problems. If this would be the only car dealership in the entire world I rather would walk then drive one of their vehicles."
4 days ago
"I took my vehicle in for a damage estimate and the process was great. I received all the information I needed to make a decision. The work was completed on time and the quality was exceptional. When I picked my vehicle up it was thoroughly cleaned. The staff was very friendly and anxious to help."