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Honda Service Centre Reviews

Latest Reviews

"I went to this location for a service, waited an hour to get my vehicle serviced. And when they were done with it there was some sticky residue around the cup holders, and on the Start/Stop button which took me a while to remove. Very disappointed with the lack of care. I will absolutely not be recommending this place and will be bringing my business elsewhere."
"I have been to this delership a few times because i am in the area. while my car takes forever to get fixed and then have the service advisors try and rob me out of all of my hard earn money. i sit outside and thats when you can see the type of mechanics who work on your car. first of all you see many terrible driving practices in the parking lot where guys are speeding down the side of the building. 2. where are all the service advisors when im trying to ask for an update? oh dont worry go to the back of the building they will be hiding in and around smoking cigarette. and dont worry they are having a great time while we are waiting for updates. 3.You can also see mechanics that are going to the back of the building going in cars and then after a few mins they walk out looking high as a kite then working on my car. wow that is right i am pretty sure i have seen many mechanics walking in and out of the building going to smoke that devils lettue. you might ask how sure can one be well take a walk by the cars where the mechanics walk to and then you will smell that good old freedom. Well if thats not a reason to come to this place then i dont know what is. how is a manager allowing this in his shop. this is not some place to go at all. if the management cant even control their mechanics then i wonder what else might be going on in there. Do they not conduct drug test for people whos working on our cars? By the way Classic honda deleted my review on google reviews so it seems as they do not like the truth about that place."