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Wayne W
"Absolutely incredible service , led by my contact there Andrew Arden. Simple seamless interaction allowed for ordering of parts, and a short wait to have trunk torsion springs replaced. Excellent complimentary cafe where I did some reading with a hot drink. They even washed my car for me . Highly recommend Maple Honda. As well have gotten our other two Hondas from Maple Honda ."
4 days ago
"Extremely disappointed with the lies and manipulation. I’ve paid off two cars fully at this dealership, yet when it comes to servicing them I’ve been let down numerous times. There is too much history to go into, but most recently I’ve had to change my accuator less than a year ago on my 2014 CRV - $3000.00 worth of repairs happened at that visit. Not 4 months later the same rattle that brought me in to that visit started happening again so I brought my car back in and was dismissed - the rattle was gone apparently. Fast forward to this past week, the rattle started again and all my lights were on on my dashboard. I was dismissed again lights were off they changed my oil - just check your oil more often and you should be good. I was fristarted and stubborn and asked for more details. I wasn’t getting any and the scan they did came up with nothing. Pulling out all my lights came back on, so I turned back. They turned them off again and I went back to start my car up again and they’ve came back on. At this point I demanded to know what was wrong. After nearly 6 hours of my car being at the shop this day - they said they would hve to do further investigating! They didn’t have a rental for me at the time so I left with my car! Today I’m being told my AccuAtor need to be replaced again and the timing belt!!!! And they aren’t paying for my rental any further!!!! $4100.00 they say!!!! After trying to dismiss me a few days ago saying just top your oil up more often!!!! They refuse to help pay although it’s been less than a year I’ve had the replaced accuator in my 2014!! I didn’t have $3000.00 dollars lying around last year and I certainly don’t have $4100.00 plus rental fees lying around now!!!!!"