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Karanveer Sahota
4 days ago
"Karan was very helpful and answered all of my questions about purchasing a new car, he was very detailed and knew exactly what I was looking for"
"This particular dealership has such low standards for morality, it is actually shocking. They have been caught lying to us about service and employing shady business practices so many times that we cannot fathom going back to them. They lie to you about the needs of your car to try and force you to purchase service from them. But, they will quickly back track when you ask for proof that you can show to an actual professional. They will use pressure tactics and false promises to sell you a car, and they won't honour their mandated return policy. I firmly believe that the employees at this dealership are coached to use disgusting strategies to coax every penny out of every visitor regardless of consequence. If you want to buy a Chrysler (for whatever reason), do yourself a favour an at least go to a dealership that has a shred of credibility. "