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Travis C
"We have bought 3 vehicles from Harv Barker over the past 4 years. His ability to understand what we are looking for and help us find the best possible solution for our family is very admirable. He makes buying a vehicle very easy and enjoyable and is very customer oriented. Can't thank you enough Harv! James was out finance guy and helped us to understand out options as best as possible and was a delight to work with. The entire team at Nissan has always been a real delight and we are exceptionally happy with our partnership that we have."
Power Drill
"Will never shop at this place. They were asking $29K for this car. We did our research on pricing of this particular car based including VMR Canada and what other dealers, including the ones in Calgary, were asking. Retail price should be approximately $25K. So we made a reasonable offer of $24k. The sales person went to present the offer to the General Manager. We backed up our offer with the VMR Canada report and a car on a dealers lot in Calgary with more features that was priced for $28K. General manager made us feel very uncomfortable because he had customers that knew what they were talking about and could back up their claims. He tolds us to go buy the car in Calgary. So we did. Royal Oak Nissan dealer reduced the price $1K and bought us lunch and told us to tell Go South Nissan thank you for bring them customers. "