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Jus plumber
"I came in with bad credit and left with a brand new car. Unbelievable these guys are great. I recommend everyone to go see Adam "
"Had the awful experience with the tattoo cover service advisor Mark Malahia that had no idea on how to explain and of my answers. Hotheaded jerk started getting upset, giving me evil eyes and scratching his nose like he just did a line of coke. So because he didn't have the vocabulary to talk to me he told me because walking away he rudely looked at me and with a harsh tone yelled "Enough, I don't have information for you but you still have to pay the diagnostic". How can I pay 3 hour of diagnostic at 160/hr and for me not to have any information!? I tried talking to other service staff just to realize they were worse!! They didn't speak English! How is this service department still open! Terrible service. The manager Glenn wouldn't talk to me either and said it was his home time and to call him the next day !!!! It was 3:30 PM and the location is open until 5pm!! Ridiculous... I tried speaking with the tech Carlo Ingalla just to find out his English was also bad and he tried lying to me about everything because he also didn't have any clue on what was wrong with my truck. He was trying to sale me on control arms but the issue is he was trying to sell me bolts for 1 more hour of installing labour !!! So 1 hour of labour to take out my rusted bolts and 1 hour to install the bolts, that's just being a thief !!! The 1 control arm labour was already 2.5 hours of labour plus 1hour for an alignment! How is this legal!!! The control arm 2.5 includes removing and installing the bolts. Cutting the rusted bolts for more time I do understand but to install them that's being a crook. Never going to that place again. Such an uncomfortable place to be in. Seeing how other customers got treated by Mark and the manager was mind blowing on how they still have jobs. So rude and belittling customer because they ask questions. DON'T GO TO VICKARS NISSAN!!! SCAMMERS "