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"I brought my second car at agincourt Nissian! I dealt with Ramesh both times and I just love how he understood my finances and was able to help me find a car to suit my budget with my both cars! The management and staff at this dealership is very helpful and pleasant to work with. I would recommend Ramesh to anyone "
Gus Emond
"After being a customer for about 7 years, I did not expect this. In spite of being a busy time for tire changes and prepping for winter, I mistakingly thought my situation warranted some attention. Winter has arrived and it is no time for starter problems, particularly an equipment failure, not a battery problem. With my wife (who is ill), I was parked in the underground garage and, having done some shopping, we returned to my car to find it did not start. After an approximately 18-hour cycle through CAA (that is another story), the service vehicle operator easily started the car. He surmised that the problem was due to a defective sensor that connects the brake pedal to the starter. I got to Myers Nissan Orleans to get it fixed. The serviceman said that this could repeat at any time. I was told to book an appointment for next week. I pointed out to the service rep that my car was already on the lot and that I would only end up needing assistance God knows when or where. A 7-year regular client deserves better than that. Gustave Emond"