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"I don't have good feelings for car dealers. I have opinions, none of them are good.They all lied. I have always seen cold faces behind every single smile. They were successful within the concept of "business", they closed the deals. But they all failed within the concept of "human relation", therefore, there is no car dealer in Canada that has my second visit to buy a car; one might say, however, I was really unlucky. I stepped in Harris Mazda, one day. It is a car dealer outside but there is something different inside, one could only feel it. Everything and everyone are on the main floor which is fine, everything happens on the main floor too which is again fine,but there is something different one could only feel it. There is no cold faces behind any smiles. Well, I fell that but there is something different, there is something more. Sales? It is outstanding. Service? It is outstanding. But there is something more than that, one could only feel it. They all listened to every single word I said. Care. Now, I posses a vehicle I was sold called Mazda, I don't even know what model or type. It is exactly how much I could effort. Exactly what I needed for a family of four. My kids are singing songs while I drive. They enjoy reading in the car more. There is something different in Harris Mazda. You don't need to buy a car, just give a short visit please, whenever you could and meet the spirit. I no longer see a car dealer when I pass by Harris Mazda on Bowen Road but I see the sign "Harris", "The Spirit", and I smile. Driving a car never felt so good. Thank you"
"After browsing Courtenay Mazda's used car listings and finding a vehicle I was interested in, I submitted my details. I received a pleasant email message from Chantelle letting me know I could contact her with any questions I might have. I stopped in at the dealership shortly thereafter to find out more about the vehicle and take it for a test drive. Chantelle was patient, informative, and easy to talk to. We took a look at the inspection report for the car -- which was surprisingly thorough given the vehicle was an older model with an asking price under $5000. After driving the car, I realized it wasn't the one for me. I'd noticed a couple of other cars that were of interest and Chantelle was happy to show me the inspection reports for those to help me compare. I was impressed again with the amount of information provided and decided to take a 2005 Mazda 3 GT hatchback for a test drive. This was a well sorted example with low mileage and a sharp asking price. I was surprised and pleased to learn that the dealer documentation fee was included in this price. Chantelle was able to tell me everything I needed to know about the car and it was clear she has a great deal of practical knowledge and experience. When I decided I wanted to purchase the car, she introduced me to Chad, who made the formalities of buying the car a breeze. Chad was also very personable and easy for me to talk to. He let me know about extended warranty and other options. I didn't feel pressured to spend money on extras. I could see the value for me in the warranty and pre-paid oil changes promotion. I'm glad he informed me about them, and I was happy to spend a little extra to get a lot of value. I've had the car a few days and I'm thrilled with it. Chantelle even followed up to make sure I'm happy with everything. I thought that was a nice touch. My whole experience has been positive and it's clear that Courtenay Mazda does things differently from what people might expect. It's refreshing."