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"I took my Mazda to a car shop that my neighbour said was good. They replaced the plugs and coil pak that I saw was broken. It cost $495.00 but my car was still missing even at idle. I took it back at they said it was fine it was not missing. I gave up on them as they said it twice that it was OK. I drove it with the miss for some months but it was just getting worse . I tried to get in to Mazda on my day off but they were busy. I did get an appointment on an afternoon around 3:00 Pm They phoned and said my car was ready by 5:00 and they had fixed it an replaced my headlight that I said had burned out. A new coil pak on cylinder # 6 plus a new plug plus a new headlight and the Bill was $320 including tax. Car runs great now This was reasonable and done in less time. I am happy again with West Coast Mazda. They have done a good job with both of my Mazda's Thanks"
"Donald was very professional and great in service. Everyone in the dealership has excellent service towards customers. . He explained very well the features of the car. the business manager was also very good , she obtained the car loan approval within an hour. Excellent job."