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"I usually find purchasing a car at a dealership stressful but Christian was courteous and low key. Overall a good experience and I love the car."
"Took car in for oil change, it includes an inspection. They missed the wiper blades. The wiper blades were completely worn out. Metal on the windshield done. When I asked the tech why they weren't replaced with the oil change I was told we don't was checked off on the list as good?!. What else is checked off and not checked? Took car in several times over the cabin filling with raw gas smell. Was told multiple times nothing wrong. Then told carbon build up and drive the car hard. Last time I was told running rich code. Code not documented on work order. I went and bought an obd 2 scanner. Right away codes popped up. Why can I see codes and West Coast Mazda can not?! But they did see codes.... they didn't bother to fix!!! There was a service bulletin for the code that came up... West Coast didn't check? I called another dealer. Took my car in and they figured out the problem. Its the high pressure fuel system that distributes gas into the engine. Major part to not function properly. It's been replaced and I will monitor. I strongly suggest going else where. 150.00 per hour multiple times adds up.. not to mention the problem not being fixed and you're made to feel it's all in your head. One last thing... I took my car in for a fuel injection cleaning also at (West Coast Mazda) I was told the throttle body would be cleaned... wasn't listed on the work order and it wasn't done. Seems to me it doesn't matter if the work is listed or verbally promised to be done.... it doesn't get done. "