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Mazda Dealer Reviews

Latest Reviews

"I've always liked this Mazda location but this recent appointment, their customer service was just plain lousy! When I booked my appointment weeks ago, I was told I could bring it in at 12nn, and it would take all afternoon, therefore requested shuttle service which I saw was included in my file. I get there 20 mins before my appointment. The service guy first tells me I would have to wait up to 1.5hrs for a shuttle coz the driver is on lunch break, coz they are entitled to have lunch he says, and that if I wanted a shuttle, I shouldn't have booked a noon service. Then when I asked him to confirm how long my car repairs would take, again, he says in a condescending tone, it would take up to 4.5 hours and that i brought the car in quite late already and that i really should have brought the car in no later than 11am. Duh? Why tell me to bring it in at 12nn when i booked the appointment if that was the case?! I even called the day before,left a message, to confirm the appointment time but no one returned my call! To top it off, he finds me 5 mins later at the lounge to say if you're just going to Southcentre, just walk! And when I was asking for directions at the front, one of them got annoyed at my questions for not knowing where exactly to go even after explaining we're not from that neighborhood. I then walked back to the service advisor, asked if we were expected to find our way back. He says you can call or text us if you like for a pick up but doesn't give me the number until I asked for it. I then get a text 2hrs later that the car was ready and when I texted back for a pick up, the text response was the driver had left for the day due to an emergency (complete with an exclamation point!) Didn't even ask if we needed help getting back. So we walked back! Good thing we didn't go far. For all that condescending talk of 4hrs+ required to service my vehicle, and bringing it in "late", it took them half the time to fix it. Now, I seriously doubt they did all the work they charged me! I've never had this experience at this location over the years. I don't know if this was a one off. But this service advisor needs to brush up on his communication and customer service skills for sure. I've always been a Mazda fan but this really makes me think twice about coming back for any service and even getting a new Mazda vehicle in the near future."
"I never trust dealerships as service cost is ridiculously expensive. Private garages have honest mechanics who charge a lot less. Costs to much to service my car at a dealership"