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"One of the worst dealership when it comes to sales and service. They try to make money out of you when you buy a car from them. Incase of any issues with the car they never fix anything. They will show you as if they are busy and only work with appointments that too after 2 weeks. One of the worst and shady dealership i have ever seen."
""The Foster name has been associated with a car dealership in Scarborough for more than 60 years,but the Staff keeps getting change around ,Brought a kia sedona 2017 lasted 18 months ,engine stated misfiring,my warranty ran out kia canada said they cant help so my wife called kia foster manager was rude to wife so instead toke to my mechinic who couldnt fix ,he had said maybe timming chain,so toke it to kia foster they did the job still not working, manager said ,i know to much, i told them to what to do,but he failed to understand I ASKED Kia mechanic To check Car out if theres any parts needed.You dont have to listern to my review but Im telling you VERY BAD Experience,They could of advised me not to go ahead with and waste my money,it but greeds get the best of them,they wanted the sale. rude manager and mechanic who doesnt care about customer needs,who only cares about bottom line,if i could i would give zero"