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"Just go find Cam as soon as you get there and you are in good hands. He will help you to find out what vehicle you like and does his best to make the whole process short and sweet. Don’t hesitate to ask him whatever is not clear for you and he explains all needed to clarify it for you . He is so patient, fun , professional and polite. Thanks Cam , you are awesome "
"So, short version. We went from Toronto to St. Catharines to buy a used, very clean loaded RAV 4 hybrid only to be told it had been sold. I had looked at the Niro on line and figured as we were there, let’s drop in on the Kia dealership and test drive one. Jose the salesman was very helpful, got us in a Niro. Loved the car, smooth drive, lively, tight. When we got back we chatted, got an appraisal on our car for a trade-in, crunched some numbers with Ernie and bing bang boom we bought a car. A better deal than the RAV 4. Sam had to hunt down the model and colour we wanted which took a few days and we picked up the car the next weekend. Good, honest people Selling good vehicles. What more do you want ?"