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"We bought our Pulot from John. He was very helpful, they located the color of my choice in less than a week.Excellent service while purchasing a new vehicle positive atmosphere, cared about customers, no complaints whatsoever. "
" Well 2 years later and oh how things change! Went in to get my car fixed...and it was suggested I trade my car in for a never model. Sad to report Jason, the manager at the time I bought my 1st car, was gone. Apparently all the customer service went with him. Finance dept was the WORST! The one girl actually kept yawning on the phone while talking to me! Zero follow up... and no return call from the manager, with whom I had delt with. Guess they have turned into same as all the others! And I’m figuring they don’t need my business! All the referrals I used to send their way...no more! "