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"Traded in a Mazda CX-5. Magid was knowledgeable, patient and extremely helpful. He was always ready to answer my questions whether it was in person, on the phone or via text. Sarah from service was also extremely friendly, courteous and efficient. Rose from Finance was also amazing and patient as we completed the mountain of paperwork. I visited another dealership in Calgary and Okotoks Honda blew them out of the water. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for a new car. "
Unhappy customer
"I have been taking my Honda CRV to this dealership for a couple of years and had good service in the past. However, twice now they have not delivered on the service. I made an appointment almost two weeks ago to get my car serviced for a number of issues including changing a gasket that is under warranty but when I went there I was told that someone made a mistake and did not properly record all the required services. So they don’t have time to do the required warranty work and they don’t even have the part anymore. It is so upsetting since this is the second time I booked an appointment for the service but they failed to deliver. The last time I had waited two hours despite booking an appointment and my car was not even touched. Perry Aiden did address my discontent the first time but continuing to have issues, i will be definitely looking at servicing my vehicle somewhere else and will no longer consider buying a car from that dealership"