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Not worth the hassle
"We have had the WORST experience with this dealership. I would definitely NOT go back or recommend. My partner and I did a custom build new truck that somehow didn’t get ordered (we were told the order wasn’t picked up by GM-but I am not sure that it just wasn’t ordered) that was the 1st issue. So when some Fleet trucks came in, we were told we could have 1 of them but of course after 7 hrs of back and forthing on the price, we ended up having to pay for options we didn’t want/order and not getting some options we did want and ultimately paid more than the original deal . That was the 2nd issue. The 3rd is that we were guaranteed the financing from the original truck but again had to drive to Duncan from Victoria for another 4 hrs only to find out that the financing wasn’t set up and had to wait another day to get that sorted. The 4th is that we finally thought we were in the clear and all was good, but they gave the bank the wrong date to take out the payments….resulting in an NSF fee from the bank …and it was up to us ourselves to sort out the banking and set up the proper payment plan. It has been 1 cluster after another we don’t trust them not to screw up the level kit and tire install, so we have to make yet ANOTHER trip to Duncan to check out the service department as the sales, management and finance departments have all buggered this deal. We have wasted so much time, energy and been stressed that I wouldn’t recommend them. The truck is great but this dealer….not so much…..Just 1 major hassle after another. So much so we haven’t been able to fully enjoy our new truck. "
"I was very pleased with my salesman. Paul Walker. Paul was very personable and answered all my questions with knowledge and respect. I would recommend him to anyone. "