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Rapid 1
"I test drove a 2010 GMC 1500 at Bannister GM on October 13/2018. Test drive went really well with the salesman doing a great job of explaining things and letting me take the time to check things out. We went back to the dealership and I made an offer of $12500 for the truck. Shortly after I met the sales manager and he introduced himself to me. There counteroffer was about $14600. We discussed back and forth on the truck and I said I’d like to stay at $12500. Towards the end of the conversation the SALES manager told me that we could probably make this deal work for the price of $13800 to $13900 dollar range. I thanked them for the offer and told them I would think about it over the weekend. The following Monday I was contacted by the salesman and was asked if I wanted to counter offer. I countered with $12750 and was rejected. I asked the salesman what the sales managers offer was and I found out it was $14600 and not what the sales manager told me at the end of Saturday’s meeting! I discussed this with the salesman and we went back and forth and I told him how I wasn’t impressed with the sales manager going back on his word. I initially walked away from making a deal with Bannister GM but kept talking with the salesman. We settled the deal at $13950 plus GST. But at no point did the SALES manager contact me to explain things or apologize. Every detail was relayed to the salesman. I honestly have no trust or respect for the SALES manager after this transaction and will never go to Bannister GM in Edson for any sales or service. I will not recommend this dealership to anybody wanting to buy a vehicle from. But the salesman (John Breen) was fabulous to work with as he tried his best to diffuse the situation. I highly trust and respect him as a salesman and was probably the best car salesman that I have dealt with. I picked up my truck today and love it. I never saw the SALES manager today (which I’m not very surprised) and never got an explanation or apology from. I’ve had issues with this SALES manager a year ago while I was dealing on a company truck. If you want anymore details or clarification you can contact Randy Trofimuk at 780-779-8855. Thanks. "
"Great experience! All the discussions and negaciations was done remotely, which was great for us since we located outside Montreal. Professionalism and friendly relation. Very appreciated."