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"First time in Canada. I moved from the U.S. I looked online for the best reviews to take my 2020 Challenger Scatpack. RJ was awesome. Aiden from sales was awesome as well. Very genuine and thorough. Best first impression ever. Hopefully it stays that way on my future visits."
"Absolutely phenomenal. I can’t even find the words to describe how much I appreciate their service. Honest and truthfully, they are top notch. The service advisor, pardon me for forgetting her name, was just so far beyond helpful and understanding. She just contacted me to schedule the repair 24 hours after the appointment. I’ve owned a Audi, Mercedes, and dealt with the Barrie dealerships for both. You would think the care and treatment would be better with the high end German cars. But I can assure you that it is not. The truck was taken in to highway 11 Chrysler in Orillia thirty thousand kilometres ago for this problem. They told me “you have never had a hemi before and that’s how they sound”! Nothing wrong with the truck! Basically lied right to my face and made me feel like I was a uneducated idiot. The mechanic actually chuckled and laughed when he told me this. “It’s a hemi, you just don’t know how they sound “. Absolute piece of garbage. How you would treat a customer like that because you don’t want to stand behind your product is beyond me. Mac lang is the absolute best dealership in Orillia! Picked up the pieces of the mess and lies from HIGHWAY 11 scammers, and made it right. I can’t even say how much I appreciate there honesty and integrity. In closing. I have my late father’s best friend, who is a Bay Street corporate lawyer preparing a lawsuit against the aforementioned dealership. They will be held responsible for the lies, and refusal to honour the warranty. It’s not about the cost. As there is none. Simply about the accountability. There shady operation will be brought into the light. "