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"Chuck has always offered the most efficient and excellent service at H.M.P. He has always been kind and genuine to my family. From start to finish....Anne in customer service...always a professional greeting..like you're talking to a familiar friend....Sue in finance....Jim in parts and and service this transaction was easy breezy....H.M.P. ......top notch, friendly, knowledgeable staff!!!"
"Kirstin spoke to the Service Manager after discovering that my snow tires were not available at my app’t. I had driven across town on a snowy morning on icy roads for this app’t. She secured permission for the shuttle to drive me back home, pick up the tires from storage, and then pick me up when the care was ready. All this was done efficiently with kindness and courteously with no charge to me. I would like to Thank Kirstin, the Service Manager, and Capital Chevrolet for there exemplary service. I purchased my car from this dealership and have always received great service."