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Northstar Ford Calgary

Calgary, AB

2,648 Lifetime Reviews Review Dealership
Northstar Ford Calgary Inc is a Ford dealership located in the Northwest in the Crowfoot area who proudly serve the City of Calgary and the surrounding communities. The people of Northstar Ford are passionately committed to doing everything possible to keep our customers keys in their hands as many minutes a year as possible in order to live their lives. Their first and foremost goal at Northstar Ford Calgary is to make your car-shopping experience to be the best. You will quickly discover the entire staff knowledgeable in all things automotive especially in the Calgary area. They proudly offer the very best in new and pre-owned vehicles at Northstar Ford Calgary. They maintain an easy-to-use searchable online inventory for customers to start their search, Or talk to the sales personnel, instead, to find that used vehicle of your dreams. Already own a car and looking to keep it running? Bring it to our expert car service . No job is too big or too small for them. Finally, chat with their financial department. They’ll make sure you get the right car loan or lease for your budget. They look forward to serving you in all your automotive needs at Northstar Ford Calgary!
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9 Crowfoot Cir NW

Calgary, AB

T3G 3J8


Top Reviewed Employees

Brittany Fjellstad at Northstar Ford Calgary

Brittany Fjellstad

Service Advisor
Mike Issa at Northstar Ford Calgary

Mike Issa

Finance Manager
Liane Asquin at Northstar Ford Calgary

Liane Asquin

Service Advisor
Rob Meade at Northstar Ford Calgary

Rob Meade

Service Director

Latest Reviews

October 28, 2020

"The most unprofessional scamming automotive service..."

- Scammedbynscf

The most unprofessional scamming automotive service department ever! Unethical or just actually poor mechanics. Would NOT recommend anyone take their vehicle to be worked on their unless you don’t mind being tricked out of your money and the vehicle not repaired

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June 19, 2020

"Worst Experience Ever!!!"

- Nsea

I took my car in for a recall issue, had to leave the car overnight due to parts being shipped. I was given a "courtesy" call the next Monday to advise me the car had been vandalized by the service director. No empathy or respect from the Service Director (Rob) who promised to call back and never reached me. 4 days have gone by, no call or response from anyone at Ford. Terrible customer service experience.

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May 13, 2020

"No Ownership of Problem Created By The Service Department"

- Craig

First off I would like to say that the two people I have talked to at Northstar Ford were professional and courteous. The supervisor I did not talk to as he called my home number while I was at work and talked my wife. So, I recently had to have my transmission replaced at a cost of $8000. I took it to this dealership as I wanted to make sure I got ford parts since this is such an import part of the car. I have to say that I think I paid a premium for this replacement. I'm ok with this, however when I received my car back my transmission was working fine but I noticed that now when I am making a sharp left hand turn, like into a parking spot, the steering wheel now grabs about 3/4 of the way into the turning of the steering wheel and then allows me to turn the rest of the way. THIS WAS NOT HAPPENING BEFORE I TOOK IT IN!!! So I took it back in and now they are saying it is the steering box (Another $2400 labor included) and that there is no possible way that they could have damaged this unless it was dropped. However if you need to drop the front end of the vehicle to replace the transmission and then need to perform a front end alignment once it is back in, it seems to me that there can be lots of room for error. So how can I, in a six year old vehicle damage the steering box. I didn't take it out and drop it. Mike said that it can happen when it is up on their hoist saying that the wheels can sag. Even if this was true, would this then not make it their fault?? Does Ford not have hoists to properly lift the car without this sag? Sounds like a lot of excuses to me. My car has been up on a hoist many times when changing tires from winter to summer and have never experienced this. When asked about why this wasn't caught during the test drive, Mike said it was taken for a test drive but the tech may have only done right hand turns during the test. What??? To say that this cannot be this service department's fault is beyond my comprehension. Seems to me that they are covering up their own mistake. Needless to say I did not approve this outlandish service and am taking my car to my trusted service provider in which I should have taken it to in the first place.

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Northstar Ford Calgary, Calgary, AB, T3G 3J8