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Regina, SK

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Welcome to Capital GMC's Dealer Rater page. We're glad you've found us. Capital GMC Buick Cadillac is located in Regina, Saskatchewan. We're found in Regina's North-end on the corner of Rochdale Boulevard and Pasqua Street North. Capital GMC offers great services and an outstanding staff. From automotive sales to automotive service and any point in between, we're offering the best that can be found in Regina. We're proud to be Canada's #1 GM Retailer since 2009, the #1 GM Certified Pre-Owned Dealer in Canada, and recipient of various DealerRater Dealer of the Year awards since 2013. There's no doubt that Capital GMC needs to be on your list when purchasing a new vehicle or needing your current one worked on. Visit us today and experience what Capital has to offer. No matter the purpose for your visit, you can always expect a fun, easy, and transparent experience from us every time.
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4020 Rochdale Boulevard

Regina, SK

S4X 4P7


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