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"A bit of a long review however this needs to be public knowledge. We recently bought a 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel from them after spending 6 hours at the dealership on a Saturday waiting for the financing to go through my boyfriend who is a mechanic went to check to see if the truck already had the undercoating installed that had been offered to us. When he was looking under the truck he noticed some coolant he got back and mentioned it to the finance guy who talked to service and they said some must have been spilt during the inspection okay fair enough. We were assured time and time again that the truck was fully inspected. Well we go to pick up the truck on the following Monday we’re told we’re all good to go so we start the truck with the starter and it almost immediately shuts off. Turns out the safety shut off over rid the starter because there was no fuel in the truck. When the lady we dealt with in sales the truck threw a check engine light so they put in in the shop and found it was only a battery code from the truck being dead. We take the truck home and the next day my boyfriend finds where the coolant was coming from and fixed it himself and then a couple days later when we were driving a service electronic breaking message kept coming up and the cruise control would not work so we booked it in to be serviced. When we brought in the truck they got us to pull up to the door making it seem like the truck was going to be seen today like the lady I booked it with said they had time to do that Friday. We hung out in the city because we do not live close to the dealership and were called a few hours later saying the truck was not going to be seen until Monday to top it if they had no loaner vehicles and would not rent us anything to drive. The dealership reset the computer that was causing the problem and In the mean time they found a transmission leak that was missed by the first person who inspected the truck. We get the truck back and a day later it is doing something it wasn’t doing before the computer update the screen on the dash is flashing. Turns out it is the gauge cluster that they quoted us $1600 for and they will not do anything about it or for us. Not even an offer to cover the cost of labor which I have been informed by another dealership that it is only a 1 our job. Needless to say we do not recommend Southtown Chrysler to anyone as it has been an overall terrible experience from the time we signed the papers. Not only were major things over looked in their inspection they do not do anything to help out their customers. In the long run we were sold a truck that never should have passed an inspection. We were told that we’d be contacted about our experience and 3 weeks later still have not been. And to be clear Donovan in service was the only person who actually tried to help us out. "
"It was for a recall on the brake pedal they had it all fixed up and they never leave a mess inside my truck. Then Troy gave me a little hint and showed me the proper polish to use on the black chrome tips on the truck. "