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Big E
" They messed up my oil change 2 out of 3 times. I always bring my own oil as i use Amsoil Full synthetics oil and oil filter. They come in 946ml bottles and my Mazda 6 requires 4.5L the first oil change they under filled with 3.5L only. Second time was fine. 3rd oil change they overfilled by 700ml. So they made a mistake, i called them on it and wanted it fixed which seems reasonable to me (maybe I'm wrong.) then they kicked me out for being a "difficult customer" and they don't make money off of me. During the whole time, voices were not raised as we were simply having a discussion. I could have made a scene but that's not me. I walked out on my own, they yelled some stuff on the way out which i didn't quite hear, which is where i told them to F$#$ off as I'm walking away. I drive 50 000 km's a year. So a lot of oil changes and services will be required on this car. They lost my business. "
"Le personnel est très accueillants. On se sent à l'aise de poser les questions si on a des inquiétudes par rapport à notre véhicule. Les réponses sont claires et tout est bien expliqué. Les travaux sont fait dans un temps raisonnable...on ne poirotte pas pendant des heures à attendre. Je recommande ce concessionnaire à tous."