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Mazda Service Centre Reviews

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"Highly unprofessional staff and the service. Trained to up sale unnecessary items and to get a commission on it. Recommended changing both air and cabin filters for $150. Came home and checked both filters, found perfectly clean with no need to replace. Committed doing the tire rotation in 24K service, did not do. Requested to check the clutch, did not do because their focus is to sell products and the services to make money and of course their commission. The service advisor Harp is very rude and aggressive. Don't know who hired him in customer service... Will prefer to take my vehicle now to a local mechanic shop rather than taking to them anymore "
"My 2016 Mazda was damaged and needed some TLC. Capital repaired it and it looks brand new; would never be able to see where it was damaged as it looks perfect.As an added bonus, the inside had a lot of dust and winter gravel and to my absolute delight when I picked it up it was clean on inside as well as outside. I giggled like a little girl. Made my day for sure. Awesome job Team Capital."