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" This dealership is totally a Scam. THE CAR IS UNDER WARRANTY AND THEY DONT WANT TO TAKE RESPONSABILITY AND FIX IT. THEY KEEP SAYING NOTHING WRONG WITH IT EVEN THO THEY ADMIT AT FIRST THAT THEY HERE FUNNY RATTLING NOISES .. AND ISSUES ... ETC TO COME LATER ON AND SAY THERE IS NOTHING WRONG. THEY ARE EXPERTS AT PLAYING GAMES WHEN VEHICULE IS UNDER WARRANTY. IF IT WASN'T I BET THEY WILL TAKE THE CAR FOR DAYS TO FIX IT BECAUSE IT PAYS $$$. WHEN IT IS UNDER WARRANTY THEY DONT CARE AT ALL. CHECK HOW MANY COMPLAINTS THEY HAVE ON BBB.ORG!! THEY ARE VERY WELL KNOWN WITH THEIRE WRONG PRACTICES. I bought a Camaro from Dueck on marine. But Dueck Downtown is closed to where i live and work. i took it here for many many warranty checks for many issues (Transmission banging hard, air leak on the windows, rattling sounds coming from the soft top as it is a convertible, and other issues ... etc).... THEY EVEN DAMAGED MY CAR BY BACKING IT TO THE WALL AND CAUSING A MAJOR DAMAGE TO THE BACK OF THE CAMARO ''while taking it to the wash bay''. ALSO, i dont recommend anyone to let them wash their car here, NOT ONLY THERE IS A RISK THEY WILL SMACK IT TO A WALL LIKE THEY DID WITH MINE, BUT YOU PAINT JOB CAN REST IN PEACE. THEY WILL SCRATCH YOUR CAR DURING THE WASH. they did it to mine and they offered to do a full detailing. which did improve the scratches but they are still visible. they asked to bring the car for a checkup .. ! every time i take the car in ... they keep it for a full day to only find out that THEY DIDN'T FIX NOTHING. they are experts at telling you we did check it and we didnt find anything wrong. IF IT IS UNDER WARRANTY EXPECT THE SAME ANSWER. they are very well know with that at that dealership. IF IT IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY, they take the car in and milk the max money out of you. BUT IF IT IS UNDER WARRANTY ... YOU DONT MEAN NOTHING TO THEM AS YOU DONT GENERATE ANY $$$$. I tool my car in way over 12 times. 12 visits!!! for minor issues like that ?? that's a total non sense. Their shop manager Ken went for a drive with me and he can tell there is a rattling sound from the soft, the Mechanic went for a drive and he tells me there is lots of camaro's coming in for transmission issues and they try 2 things to resolve the problem: adjust with PC or transmission flush (they tried option1 but they refused to try option #2), the air leak on the windows was not there - the air leak started when they adjusted the window height as it did touch the soft top when trying to open the door - since that adjustment i started having air leak sound coming from window, ALso while doing that small adjustment they had to remove the door panel which DID messup the speaker on the passenger side. it is vibrating when music plays. which is annoying for a fancy car like that. "
"We have total confidence in the service staff at Birchwood Chevrolet. They provide excellent, quick and efficient service. They have a friendly and professional staff. "