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"Purchased a fairly new used car from here. Corrosion control module was not hooked up, had to install myself (for the price a person pays for these things, that is not acceptable) which leads me to question if the paint protection was ever put on. I try to order parts for another vehicle I have and on more than one occasion I show up and the part was never ordered. I usually order on a Friday and pick up the following Friday when I have a day off. I was offered a free oil change for the corrosion control module mishap but due to the unorganized parts and service department I don't think I could trust letting them complete the service on the car, it is difficult to regain trust once it is lost. "
Alyssa B
"I have had my fair share of part technician encounters over the years, and everytime I get treated like I am incompetent because I'm a girl. For the first time ever upon calling in I got treated with respect and the understanding like I wasn't out to lunch with what I was asking for. I'm pretty sure it was Matt that I dealt with.. Thank you for finally helping! "