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"Outstanding experience! We wanted to try different cars and models before making up our mind. Abir helped us through the selection process with a lot of patience. I had a payment plan in my mind and Abir and the finance team made sure I got the perfect payment plan. Abir and Mio shared all vehicle and payment options with me along with corresponding benefits and drawbacks and let me make the right decision. I did not feel forced at any step and felt very welcomed. Thank You Unique Chrysler team!"
"Hey everyone , my name is Emilio, I met Matthew earlier this year when I was helping one of my best friends look for a new jeep. Our first stop was Ontario Chrysler at 5280 Dixie Rd, as we first walked onto the show room we were approached by Matthew, he showed us a few different choices until we found exactly what we were looking for. Matthew found a 2015 willys at another Chrysler dealer and took the initiative to bring it in for us. Negotiation was fast and easy and he ended up bringing his new jeep home in two days. A few months later another close friend of mine approached me and asked me to give him a hand to shop for a jeep, I instantly thought about calling up Matthew, as soon as he answered the phone remembered exactly who i was even after 6 months! We scheduled a day to go in and meet with him, when we arrived Matthew had already had a few different jeeps lined up for us to test. After some negotiation Matthew was able to come up with another amazing deal for us and making another one of my buddy's happy. Hopefully by next year ill be able to go pay Matthew a visit and buy my very own jeep from him!!"