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"I was so worried about my first ever car and luckily i met Brad and he is just phenomenal and fantastic. He helped alot regarding the car and went beyond and above. Please only buy from here Simran"
3 days ago
"We were greeted first, by Paul, the official, friendly Meet/Greet gent. He made sure we found the correct person for our needs. That was BRETT KASAKOFF, sales person. He had shown my husband the vehicle earlier and sent him with a driver and the van to show me at home. After being met by Brett, he took us through the ‘paper process’, carefully explaining all the details and answering all our questions, also carefully and in full. He worked the ‘numbers’ of cost, took it to The Business Manager, Joe Frye. He also ‘massaged’ the numbers, kindly in our favour and took time to explain all the financing ways of ‘ease’ for us. At no time was there any pressure felt to make a purchase nor to buy a more expensive unit. We were offered food, beverages, and a choice of gift during the Company’s big Sale. The vehicle was spotless, thanks to Jordan, who also drove us home and switched plates for us. I would like to say “We have never been so well, over the years and two provinces.” We look forward to the pleasure of a vehicle for our particular needs, at a price we were happy about and also to a social visit with Brett again. He did a great job for us and was acutely considerate and agreeable. We heartily recommend Willowbrook Chrysler, Langley, to anyone and everyone. Thanks so much fellows."