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"This is my first time purchasing an Audi and the service and attention from Jeramhia, Andrea and Rashid was exceptional. They made the choice to purchase from Audi KW an easy one. I highly recommend dealing with this group. "
"I negotiated and we agreed a deal on a new Audi A3 in May. They didn't have anything available with the options I wanted so the salesman (Usman) told me that they would have to order the car and that Audi wasn't making the 2017 model anymore so it would be a 2018 (and wouldn't come in until the fall). I wasn't in any hurry so I said that was fine, and we signed the deal. A couple of days later I decided I wanted a different colour, so I tried to get a hold of Usman to change the order. I tried for a month and a half to reach this guy. He didn't return phone calls, emails, or messages to the front desk. Finally gave up and talked to someone else and they managed to change the order. At the end of October, they called to tell me my car was here. I arranged pickup on the saturday. Saturday morning Usman calls to tell me that there are changes in the paperwork because the car is a 2018, and my monthly payment will go up by 60$!! When I talked to the sales manager he refuses to believe that Usman told me up front it was going to be a 2018 (because the paperwork shows it as a 2017) even though the agreement shows an expected delivery of October 2017 (why on earth would I wait 5 months for a 2017?? - not to mention the fact he knows full well when Audi stopped manufacturing the 2017 A3). So his argument to me was that the car they ordered wasn't really my car since it was a 2018. So in his version of events, they took my deposit, sat on it for 5 months, then told me the day I was to pickup the car that it wasn't mine, they couldn't give me the 2017 I ordered, and that our deal was dead. Absolutely unbelievable. Awful experience start to finish. I will never deal with this dealer ever again. They have ZERO INTEGRITY."