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"Went to purchase an S3, got some numbers but had to think it over. As I live 2 hours away it is not the easiest to keep driving back and forth to Calgary. Had a transfer put into place from my local dealership and put down a $2500 deposit with intention of paying Royal Oak's asking price. Had a bill of sale written out into my name and the deal closed. Later told that they had taken a deposit earlier from somebody else without them knowing? Not sure how a dealership can take 2 deposits on a vehicle. Sold the car from underneath me even with a bill of sale signed in my name after telling us they would be shipping the car to Vancouver for the winter without us putting a deposit down, hence why we did. Later, through further investigation find out that they just lied so that they could make the sale locally instead of following through with the agreement. AMVIC will be notified, and I will never again be dealing with this location. "
Alan K
"Courteous, professional and timely service. I appreciate being able to drive into an interior garage to drop off the vehicle ( especially when it is raining or cold ). The lounge is comfortable."