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"I recently had an electrical issue with my 2015 Subaru Legacy, just outside of my 36 month component part warranty. Centaur graciously opted to cover my service work, involving a battery replacement. In the three years of servicing my vehicle, Subaru has always provided an honest and thorough level of service. Service staff are always helpful. Never condescending and never trying to upsell work on my car. I am very appreciative and trust that this level of service will continue. Centaur warrants my loyalty and repeat business. Thanks. Kerry Nagata "
" My Subaru service is always a sunny experience no matter what the weather is doing outside. It is super nice to be able to get in there on Saturday, some folks are off for the weekend… But for some of us they are weekdays. My Subaru was serviced on time vacuumed and washed on the outside & everyone was pleasant And helpful!"