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Marcel Daigneault
"Not only did they fail to fix the rattling noise on acceleration after weeks in their shop and $4700 spent, they actually screwed up so bad I can't drive the car without doing damage to the engine... Code P0171 popped up after just minutes of leaving the dealership. Fuel trim is around 35% so I'm washing my cylinders of oil by flooding them with gas to keep the air/fuel ratio in check. I brought the car to Subaru on Regent because I needed absolute reliability for the next few months and now the car is parked at home inoperable. Also, the cord to my obd reader is missing from the glove box after leaving the car at Subaru. I have NEVER taken it out of the car. I take the reader in so the batteries dont freeze but the cord always stayed in the car. I'm considering just going to a Toyota dealer and just buying something there. Hopefully they are more competent."
4 days ago
"I took my 2018 Subaru wrx in to get fixed at the Rallye Motors Mitsubishi collision center after being in an accident. The service team went above and beyond for me to make sure everything was done perfectly. My car looks awesome! I highly recommend this place! Jason Rose will help you and make sure that you’re 100% satisfied! "