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Subaru Service Centre Reviews

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"Excellent experience here! Incredibly friendly and accommodating staff. Service was fantastic, and they went over and above my expectations. I’m coming from Calgary, and it’s definitely worth the drive for the ease and comfort of knowing that me and my car (and my dog!) will be treated so well! Thank you Subaru of Lethbridge!"
"Engine was leaking oil badly. Was given a ballpark estimate on the phone and an appointment for the next morning to assess. Within half an hour Jeff had given me an estimate. The same job had been priced elsewhere and Scarboro Subaru's price was $1,000.00 less. (I thought, "This is a no brainer"). The other place wanted the car for a week (would mean a rental charge) and Subaru did the job in 2 days. Jeff was totally pleasant, completely professional and terrific to deal with. This was on every level a totally positive experience."