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Kiran M
"Salil Kathuria has helped us over many years with our Mercedes vehicles and we couldn't be happier. Excellent and professional at all times. Thanks, Salil!"
3 days ago
"It seems to be a common issue with this location that their service department's communication and customer service skills are sorely lackluster. I've been to this location twice with my car and both times have only shown me that they don't seem to care, shut up and pay whatever. After my last visit and my review on Google I had a service Rep call me to defend their practices for almost 25 minutes on the phone. Whatever your business is you should always take the time to explain services and prices to your customers. It is then up to the customer to decide if it's worth the price and the value is there. Our time is valuable and so is every dollar. Mercedes as a brand says luxury and quality and my experience at the downtown service centre was a reflection of that. Mb Durham was a far cry from that. "