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Mercedes-Benz Service Centre Reviews

Latest Reviews

3 days ago
"Never again - will most likely sue the dealership After bringing my car here for an airbag service recall my steering wheel had sustained serious damage caused by the technicians who did the work They didn't tell me before hand that my beloved Mercedes Benz would be damaged, nor did I sign any kind of damage waiver The metal trim around the steering wheel was left sharp and jagged and incorrectly installed, and holes were left in the steering wheel cover. I actually injured my hand on the jagged parts Their Asst. Service Manager admitted and accepted responsibility for the damage and promised to fix the steering wheel trim and the cover - see texts photo. They replaced the trim, but then refused to fix the holes claiming "oh well nothing we can do its part of the procedure" and "go ahead, take us to court" My advice? There are plenty of OTHER good Mercedes dealers in the area, I suggest you pick one."
Arshad Ahmad
3 days ago
"I would highly recommend never to visit Mercedes Benz Brampton for service. I would suggest reading other people's reviews for their service experience, as the majority of them are giving suboptimal appraisals. What a negative impression they are displaying to the public of a highly renowned world class company - Mercedes Benz. The vice president Mr. Terry of MB Brampton has reached out to me, and has insisted again and again to remove or better my review.I paid a significant sum of money for the service, but the problem is persistent and is constantly reappearing and worsening the condition of my truck. Mr. Terry called me and said that I am no longer  welcome at MB Brampton, and that my vehicle will not be serviced until I remove these comments and remarks. Please, do not go there for service. The truck I have under their service is the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500, the global slogan of Mercedes Benz is "The Best Or Nothing”. My views are entirely different regarding their service, it is “the most unprofessional service I have ever experienced". They claim their technicians are top-notch factory trained, but they stand well below the average mechanic. My truck has been under their maintenance with the dealership for a “check engine light” signal diagnosed due to vacuum pump and drive belt issues. They returned the vehicle after repair, and when I drove it, the problem was still there, and right away the check engine light lit up. I was really surprised that they did not even consider to test drive the vehicle before handing it over. I tried to reason with management, but for 15 days they did not solve the issue, and only resorted to lame excuses, and all they did was provide a substandard rental. Still the drive belt and tensioner are producing very exasperating sounds, and the vehicle is consuming more than 13L/100km of fuel. I mentioned this to the receptionist right away, and she simply ignored me. I advise not to rely on Mercedes Benz Brampton for their services at all."