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"I have spent over $19,500 in 4 months on a 2011 GL 350. Every time they said it was fixed it wasn't. I traveled from Woodstock 4 times with this GL on a flat bed at my expense. Then we confronted to either return my money for services not completed or actually fix the issue that I had spent $19,500 to fix in the first place. A used GL 350 is worth approx. $27,000. DO the math. I spoke with the GM Peter, only to be sent to the next man down, Frank and then Jason (this xxxxx was a real treat). To make matters worst they said I should never have bought the vehicle in the first place. CAN YOU IMAGINE...A Benz dealership ADVISING not to buy their product (NO WORRIES..I WON"T BE) I will seek Legal advice on this matter from here on in STAY AWAY from these guys! I voted 1 star because I couldn't give them a 0"
"Lone star Mercedes treats me and my car with great respect, even when my car is in for service they make me feel at home and always a painless experience. The staff is great."