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5 days ago
"Looking out for the best interests of your customers should be a #1 priority as a premium dealership. service. Not here. Their labor 'fees' are ridiculous for their sub-par quality service. Service specialists do not have your loyalty and commitment to the dealership in mind when servicing your vehicle. "
Jens Altmann
"We own a C300 and are customers for a long time (7+). All services (A and B and what else becomes necessary) are being performed by them. Last months my wife brought the vehicle in for service again. She was told it will be only an hour and she could wait. Even with an appointment it became three hours. My wife asked them to look for the reason why the engine light is on. Here starts the trouble. Even though the reading out of the error codes should be mandatory they charged her an hour (!!!) of labour for it. Then they told her they can't turn it off and gave her an estimate for $2,000 plus to fix the problem. We then went to an independent Mercedes Shop and the kind gentlemen turned the light off and told her it was just a flap that was stuck open, which happens with this model in the winter occasionally. It opens up to blow warm air over the engine and shuts when the temperature increases. Occasionally it freezes open and causes the engine light to come on. Not just took they advantage of a woman, no, they also tried to make us pay for something that was fixable AND they charged us a lot of money and refused to turn the engine light off. The independent mechanic also erased all the old errors that Star Motors left in the computer and he refused to take money from my wife for this service. That's it for us with Mercedes Benz and Star Motors. The next one will be a BMW."