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Mercedes-Benz Service Centre Reviews

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"Would recommend this dealership for the great customer service. Starting with Melissa. One of the best employee MB could have placed in this position. Brilliant,Friendly, caring knowledgeable , and intelligent young woman Rudy Ramphal was my assign service tech and again compliment to MB finding an expert. He kept me informed of my problem and provide estimate time of completion. I would recommend MB Brampton . They are brilliant at service and have intelligent and caring staff. Rating 10 "
"We brought my C300 in for an oil change and a recall repair. The service rep. never told us that the technician would disconnect my car camera. When we picked up our car, my husband discovered the car camera was disconnected and the technician did not connect it back. I lodged a complaint to Mercedes Benz Canada. They claimed that the dealership was privately owned and they could not override their practice. They got the assistant service manager, Fernando Arango to speak to me. He was arrogant and rude. They were no apology from him and he was adamant that they had not done anything wrong. I told him I never gave consent for them to disconnect my car camera. He claimed that disconnecting the car camera was to protect the technician's privacy. So their technician's privacy is more important than the customer's privacy?! I expressed concerns that the technician or someone had viewed the tape of my car camera but he did not care. They did not have the courtesy to inform customers about disconnecting the car camera and they let the car camera remain disconnected when customers pick up the car...they do not deserve to be awarded 5-star !! Stay away from this dealership! "