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"I leased my Impreza here back in 2015. The salesperson was Eric Champagne, who I believe no longer works here anymore. He was really good. Sincere, at least. Because of Eric, I've always had a good impression on Ogilvie. And for the past three years, I came back regularly for services and all the service people are OK too. It's till the end of my lease recently that things are not working out well. I'm tired of telling the details. To summarize, ALL of their SALESPEOPLE and SALES MANAGERS now only care about whether you buy or finance or lease a car with them. Once the deal is sealed, don't expect any further response from them. They don't care. The financial manager, Meedo, is really helpful. He was actually the financial person that signed my lease 3 years ago. Good to still have him to close the deal. Not coming back again even though I really like Subaru cars. "
"As a first time visit to the service department I found the staff very welcoming and efficient. I brought my wife's 2017 Outback in for a general oil change service and it was completed in a timely manner and after a quick bath the vehicle was complete and I was out the door. Great service and we will be returning again for more!"