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Subaru Dealer Reviews

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"This fiasco began when I needed a bearing replaced. I dropped off my car on Thursday and expected to pick it up the next day. I was given a rental for the day from Enterprise. Usually, the Innisfil Subaru I'm used to dealing with would give me a loaner of there own. This resulted in me having to pay for insurance coverage for the day for the rental. The next day I was called and told they would have to keep the vehicle for the weekend as the ABS sensor was on and wouldn't come off. They had to investigate why. So I stayed in the rental over the weekend, but was clear to confirm that I wouldn't be paying for any extra days. That was agreed. Monday morning comes and my vehicle is still being kept because they still couldn't determine what the problem was. Fast forward to that Friday (now my vehicle was in for a week) and they are still no closer to figuring out what was wrong, and would call me Monday. Second week, and mid week they discover it is a bad bearing lot. They will have my vehicle over another weekend while they wait for another part. Start of the third week, I finally get my vehicle back. Full charges, not even detailed for my trouble. I also had to come back twice to get products out of my car to do my job. Complete hassle, no consideration for how frustrating it is to not have your own vehicle. Oh and kicker? I had to call enterprise back because of excess charges. Result? I will never bring my vehicle back. So many things could have been done that weren't. Some of the labour charge waived and paid by Subaru Canada as they were already covering excess charges for all the parts used to try and fix the issue. How about a recall of the bad bearings so they weren't even used in the first place???? Horrible. "
"Five stars for Tariq Bhatti. I was so happy with the service at this dealership after buying a car from them a couple of years ago. I returned to trade the first car in and now have a 2019 Outback that drives beautifully. It was exceptional in the unexpected snow. I will always return to Tariq, the best sales professional that I have ever dealt with. "