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4 days ago
"I really enjoyed the buying experience I’ve had with Pickard Lane. Everyone i have dealt with- Mario, Giancarlo, Anna and Gabe have been accommodating, helpful, pleasant, authentic during the process. I phoned the office at past 4 pm on a Saturday , -27C weather and asked to look at a car. They were scheduled to close at 5pm and yet they waited for me to arrive (i was driving from downtown TO). By the time i got there, the two cars i inquired about were being warmed up and ready for me to test drive. THAT was customer service. I knew I’d buy from this place. That is the difference that makes this company very pleasant to deal with. They want your business and they show you they appreciate your business. I highly recommend Pickard Lane Leasing. It’s so worth it to come all the way there! Again, special thanks to Mario who made sure i was able to pick up my new car on the day i wanted it and to Anna who’s helped me with the paperwork and answered my buyer’s questions! I wish you continued success! "
4 days ago
"I got my Fiat from here a few months ago, and on New Years it developed an engine problem. I brought in for service and they had it for a week and a half. When I picked it up, there were multiple cracks in the windshield that weren't there before. There were no rock chips - the cracks started at the bottom of the windshield, and look to be caused by stress (maybe lifted incorrectly?). Spoke with several people in the service department, and they said they'd look in to it as they'd never seen this happen before (something they mentioned repeatedly). Brandon, from the service department, finally got back to me and explained that his boss said, "because it was cracked by the move from the warm inside to the cold outside" the best they'd be able to do is essentially a 50% discount on a replacement windshield. This is completely unacceptable. It happened in their care, and they couldn't even be bothered to let me know before I picked it up. In fact, every time I've been told they'd call me, with the exception of the last time, I've had to call them ("It's really busy", "Sorry, I forgot", etc...). I reached out to the sales guy I dealt with, James "the deal guy" Grouse and the response I received was "That sucks sorry to hear that". So, if you value your car, don't take it here."