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"I was impressed with the work my sales person did to sell us our vehicles. I felt listened to and appreciated Ellie’s politeness friendly attitude. Sheryl made our paper work straight forwarded and timely. Great job group"
"Had our volt serviced for heating problems, the car was in their possession for 4 days. Upon picking up the vehicle it was clearly apparent that that our car was hoisted incorrectly causing severe damage to our rocker panel, we told the them and wouldn’t take responsibility for their actions. Upon going over the car another time we found that they scratched our front bumper, along with a couple dents as well like someone dropped a tool on it. The car had more damage on it in 4 days then it did through the 3 1/2 years of ownership, sad. They do not take care of your vehicle while in service, would not recommend bringing your vehicle here if you care about your car like the way we do. "