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Chevrolet Dealer Reviews

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"Great buying experience for my very 1st brand new vehicle. They made it so simple and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this dealership to everyone. "
"It was a tedious task having to go through the CRT Civil Resolutions Tribunal but they settled in my favor. I just got a message in my email from the General Manager today asking me about my overall experience with my 2016 Chevrolet Spark and he just re-opened an ugly can of worms. My first thought was all the bad stuff i had to go through and all the lies Ed and his service staff fed me. Maybe in the beginning if Ed just manned up and admitted he drove my car while it was being serviced things might have been different and i wouldnt be writing anything negative right now. I am a deadly honest person to begin with and what i am writing is all truth (some numbers and times are ballpark since i am too tired to go searching back through my files) I went through enough paperwork through the Tribunal. The following is my story in a quick nutshell. So basically my car Heater Fan broke at about 28,000 km around Oct 20th 2017 i took it in first thing in the morning and was told to comeback after lunch. They kindly offered to drive me wherever so i said Pinetree Village. I wanted to have Fish and Chips at C lover's so i had no problems waiting. The would call me when ready. I got a call from the Assistant Manager around 2pm to return back.I was dissapointed in that my Heater/ Fan wasn't fixed and that i had to wait 2 weeks for the parts. Okay no worries what other options do i have it is under warranty so I am not worried about paying for anything. Anyways 2 weeks elapse and i get a call rom a lady from the Service telling me my parts are in and to arrange a date so i set up a time first thing in the morning because i finish work at 6am. I get there just before 8 am and the counter lady tells me my appointment is for 10 am she claims she never made the appointment. They tell me just drop the car and we will call you after lunch. I decide to walk back to Pinetree Village and have Fish and Chips again and a Coffee at Starbucks to try and relax. I wait around 6 hours and get the call my car is ready but not really ready. They said it is drivable and the fan is working but as soon as i turned on my fan it died. The Assistant Manager admits they ordered the wrong parts and i tell him i am driving out from North Delta back and forth and it is costing me Gas/ Time/ and it is dangerous driving with fogged up windows. Yeah you can drive in the cold rain with fogged up windows but its not convenient and not safe. So he lines up a rental car for me a Ford Equinox (not too bad a vehicle) and i wait and drive this Ford for another 3 weeks until the proper parts arrive. Sometime in December i get my car bak and this is what really really upset me. When i took the car in i had 3/4 to a full tank of Gas but most importantly and i can swear on my Daughter's Life that i re-set my car (Trip Meter) everytime i fill up my car it was a challenge for me to see if i could get up to 500km on one tank of Gas. So when i hopped into my car the first thing i checked was my gas tank level even before checking to see if the Fan works and it was below the 1/2 way mark next i checked my Trip Meter and sure enough it had like 1380 km. I don't even recall check to see if the Fan worked i was so upset. So i rushed back in to the Service Bay and i said hey check the mileage on my invoice with the milegae on my Odometer and BOOM there was a difference of 900km. Right off the bat ED offered and paid for a full tank of Gas. This just wasn't enough i loved my Chev Spark it was like a little baby and i honestly felt like a crime was committed i was fortunate in that i took a photo of my Odometer on that day because it was crucial in my Court Case. Its a gross feeling to have known somebody from Eagleridge drove my car around 900km while i was waiting 3 weeks for my parts to be delivered maybe i should ask Ed's neighbor if he ever saw a light blue Chev Spark in his driveway because to this day he nor anyone there has admitted to driving my car. I asked to see footage of secuirty cams and they say my car was parked where no cams could visualize my car. So i ask Ed if you didn't drive my car how did the milegae get on my car. he gave me so many ridiculous answers as you can imagine but i know and probably most of you readers know he or someone there took my car for extended joy rides. So i end up with a car with and extra 900km which they admit to and only on my efforts by my part they offer me an extended warranty of one year which i said okay as long as i get some cash too. My car has been de valued and driven by who and how I don't know. ED took the matter to his General Manager and the Manager refused. One year warranty or nothing. I contact GM Canada and too make matters quick i spent about 5 hours on the phone and emails as well but this was a total waste of time. I was wronged Eagleridge has screwed me and offering me a pittance. I ask the public how you would feel to get your car back with almost an extra 1,000km on your almost new car?? so i end up going to CRT Civil Resolutions Tribunal and they settle in my favor for like $150 what a fricking joke Eagleridge pays me immedietly. There were so many tedious things involved with an appeal i just couldn't be bothered i had been though alot the CRT is also a joke in my opinion they will always lean toward Big Business always have probably always will. The only justice is by me writing this long review about Eagleridge Service, Maybe if Ed would have admitted to me in the very beginning things might have been different and i wouldnt be wasting 2 hours writing this review but i must speak the truth about my situation.I should add that if they made the proper settlement with me they would have been better off. If i can turn off even one person justice has been served. I am sure Ed has learned his lesson and that he will never drive a person's car again so luckiliy for you guys it probably will never happen again at Eagleridge. Lastly my car Fan works and i do like my Spark. "