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"Huge rave to Stephen Barr and the team at Harris Mazda Detail for making my vehicle feel brand new again! They really do a great job and for anyone interested in having their vehicle detailed, they have a half off special going on until December. $198 for full detail, Reg. $400. Thanks you guys!!!"
"If I can give zero or negative, I would have done that. My son's VW stalled going on the on-ramp to Hwy 400 and this is the closest dealership we can have the car towed to. Charged us $123/hour for diagnosis. Zero oil. Refilled oil and car was running. It was Thu before Labour Day and the car wasn't even looked at until Tue. Got the car on Thu, a full week later. Total charge was a couple bucks short of $2800 (yes, everything was approved by me). The next day, the "check engine" light lit up again coming from work and took the car back to the dealership. Lo and behold, they found a leak!! And another grand was charged (they did agree to drop it from $1100). The receptionist type "customer also noticed liquid dripping from under the vehicle while putting onto the tow truck" (it was a CAA flat-bed, Thank you CAA) on the first visit. And we told her that there was no oil in our garage. How can they miss seeing leaking oil on the first visit, I wondered? Where will the oil go if not leaking and no sign of burning oil on the engine and exhaust? After decades of owning VW-Audi cars, this is my first experience of missing the diagnosis totally. This is not our usual dealership and we almost never service our cars from independent garages. Don't let me lose faith in the VW group. "