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"In my 40s I purchased my first new car it was a 2013 Volkswagen Golf wagon and I loved it. but after the emissions scandal and return of that car; a car running a stop sign and totalling my new Jetta and the three weeks our replacement 2010 Volkswagen wagon spent in the northern dealership trying to figure out why our car battery kept dying overnight- I was officially through with Volkswagen. The dealership ‘s mechanic couldn’t figure out the problem and “solved” it by putting a kill switch that I was to turn on and off every time I needed my car. The kill switch was put in one of my fog lights, which was removed. Now anyone living in northern Saskatchewan doesn’t have to use their imagination to imagine what would happen when I hit a snowdrift on the highway. After charging me for the kill switch and realizing that the car still wasn’t driving right and knowing I would never again deal with our local VW dealership. I decided to take my car to Saskatoon Volkswagen...and that’s when I met Angela Hebert. First thing she noticed was me, in my heels and business attire, bending down to switch off my kill switch in a hollow fog light, full of slush and snow. That just won’t do, she said:) and they wanted to accept the challenge of finding and fixing all my cars woes. I am a territory manager and am on the road, a lot - about 5000km a month. Thus I needed a good reliable rental car while the repairs were being done. Angela took care of that and put me up in a beautiful new Jetta. It took Saskatoon Volkswagen less than 1 day to figure out the problem and many more problems that would have put me in jeopardy on the highways of Saskatchewan. Not only that but Angela made sure that the $4000 of warranty work was done, at no cost to me. After having their rental car for two weeks, they would not let me pay for it. I asked why they had been so great to me, after all it was a 2010 used car. She said they wanted my experience to be great and maybe I would be a lifetime client. Thank you Saskatoon Volkswagen and Angela Hebert for restoring my faith in exemplary service and Volkswagen. I love my car and you have a customer for life!"
Jan D.
3 days ago
"We have 2009 VW "Passat" 75K mileage had been running perfectly fine , till we received a letter about fuel pump urgent recall . As it was advices we brought our VW to Humberview Volkswagen service center anticipated professional service by scheduled appointment and that's when problem started. Instead of the part replacement a tech offered a "cleaning" pricing it 300$ right away after we refused he chucked that 98% cars were coming back for cleaning anyway. The parts has been replaced and we picked the car . Very next day in the Morning , surprise, there was "engine alarm" . We brought the car back saying that after their "recall" we had engine for very same reason , which a service manager David Williams (416)201-6619 offer to fix by , another surprise,... cleaning!! with a only difference this time : 1000$. Well , nice business . Crooked hands VW dealership's technicians or bad quality VW - you decide . J.D. "