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Volkswagen Service Centre Reviews

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"Great fallow up and planing on behalf of Robert (sale) Would recommend him The overall presence in the dealerships is friendly professional and enjoyable Thanks "
"Purchased a vehicle in October the car has been in the shop 3 times. Twice for a reoccurring problem, online many reviews on Tiguan doors not opening from the outside or inside be prepared to jump over seats to get to your desired seat. Concerning if you need to exit your car or enter promptly hopefully the emergency will wait for your Tiguan. Rather shocked to be paying repair fees on a car I’ll be paying off for the next 6 years after such a short period of time. The computer system seems to have a glitch as it still has a former owners information rather than my own, claims warranty has expired. Hopefully, this visit that problem is solved. I understand problems can arise with any vehicle. The lack of driving I do, I question the inspection prior to buying the vehicle. "