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Domenic Rossi
"Wilson's has always been friendly and done good work, with both vehicles I purchased there and otherwise. They don't overcharge and give you a quote before starting work."
No Window
"My window is finally fixed after waiting 5 months for parts, they didn't charge me anything more.. for this service which was good and unexpected. I wont ever buy a Fiat again if it takes that long to get parts for something as simple as a window. Not to mention all the wiring problems I've encountered with this car and to fix them at the dealership is so expensive!! Overall I will just say once the car is off warranty you should just get a regular mechanic to service and repair your car it wont cost you..$134.00 an hour and they can find parts from different sources. Dealerships try to make you feel bad about going somewhere else... but who can afford to keep paying for their mistakes I certainly cannot. "