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4 days ago
"Don is the main reason why I recommend this dealership. The mechanics actually messed up on some things with my car recently, but Don really ensured that the problems were corrected for me. He went above and beyond to ensure that I was fully satisfied with my repairs. I know the shop was very busy on the days that I went, and that Don had a lot on his plate, which is why I think it's even more impressive that he stepped up and ensured that I was fully happy with my experience. I have been using this dealership for the past handful of years, and Don has always been my favourite person to deal with. The fact that he can always have a smile on his face and make me feel comfortable is huge to me."
Never again
5 days ago
"Zero customer service. Bought a car with 400 km and only on dealer lot. Took car back for service 5 days after buying and they said no problem found. Turns out it needed a bunch of warranty work. FCA would not cover repair ‘due to faulty repairs by dealership’. Go Dodge response, “you bought a used car”. Really?! 400 km and you can’t fix the faulty repairs you did on windshield? Buyer beware."