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"Definately 0 out of 5 Thsi is my story. Actually below story is filtered out. I do not mention what GM treated and told me.(I have a record file.) Update at Nov 25, 2022 I visited Kamloops Honda today. I met general manager and share my problem but he also doesn’t care my problem. I omitted a long story, but the GM try to kick me out. And also I spoke to sales manager and he doesn’t care my problem. GM and sales manager said there is everything in the paperwork and they are not going to solve my problem. Just try to change your mind, if I was notified about the problem before I purchase the vehicle. I will consider another vehicle or ask the cost to fix the problem. I hope GM or business owner consider wisely on my problem.(actually I never want to deal with GM again, he was a nasty attitude on my problem). If one of customers come across similar problem with me. I can guess how Kamloops Honda deal after. I will comeback again to the dealership. Nov 24, 2022 worst of worst experience at Kamloops Honda. I crrently purchased used vehicle at Kamloops Honda within a month. It was about $27,000 vehicle and I was satisfied with my car until 2weeks ago. However, I came accross a problem with that one of fob key does not start my vehicle. It was a first time use myself, I only check both fob key with opening, locking and trunk opening at the dealership. I asked about the problem to dealer who sold the vehicle and the dealer said Kamloops Honda does not have any responsibility to fix the problem. Even this period is under seller market which I understood, I could not believe Kamloops Honda manage their service after sell like this. The dealer mentioned fob key does not include 3 month warrenty, therefore I have to pay and fix this problem myself... I felt terrible for their management and never recommend this dealership to my friends. I also feel Kamloops Honda dealership sales person does not care vehicle condition before they sell and does not follow up their issue after sell... *******I DO NOT RECOMMEND Honda Kamloops******* Again, this is the worst of worst experience from Kamloops Honda dealership and I would like to share my case. I do regret that I purchased $27,000 vehicle without checking any reviews."
Sherry sahi
2 days ago
"Extremely bad service and damage the car. They installed new brakes and still make squeeze noise. Every time they say it fixed. "