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"I purchased my ML550 in February of this year! Was told the engine would not disappoint me! They stated the engine used in this vehicle has been used for over 40 yrs and I would not have any issues with it! I’m a single lady so was on guard as to what I was getting! In my past I was purchasing vehicles from small used car lots but figured with this bigger purchase I would buy directly from the dealership! Safe way to go right? They know their vehicles and everything would be checked over well before selling. Upon purchase I was told they wouldn’t be able to offer me an extended warranty this was upsetting but again… they are saying I would not be disappointed! A few months into ownership I’m having issues with the engine light coming on. A call was made and was told that once I leave their lot they cannot help me. I do the necessary work and engine light is on again!! This time it’s the fuel injector issue! Fuel injector was replaced without their help and now it’s even a bigger problem. Diagnostics showing cylinder 5 issue and is shaking and blowing white exhaust! Called Mercedes to talk to a manager and now it’s 2 days with no call back!! I trusted Mercedes! I came to you in hopes that you would be honest and not sell me a vehicle with engine problems!! I can’t get to work to even pay my bills!! No vehicle and no call back!! These guys are out for the money and don’t care about you!! If your making a purchase you would be called back quick and helped!! Sadly, when I first purchased my vehicle I gave them a high rating and great review!! I take that back now!! All I have is a vehicle with major engine problems and a large debt!! For future…trust the small guys more!! Never had a problem with them before!! "
2 days ago
"I had an amazing experience with this dealership today. I had lost my wheel lock and didn’t realize until I was at the tire store getting my winter tires installed. I checked the GPS and headed to the closest MB and hoped for the best that they could help me. The tire store owner told me “good luck, we’ll see you in a month after they have to order you a new key and/or charge you $500”. I was so lucky to JOHNSON HA, the Parts Manager. When I told him my situation he said “no problem” and asked a young co-worker of his to get the wheel lock set snd go out and help this gentleman. The young worker quickly found which key I needed and told Johnson. Johnson asked the young guy to remove my existing locks and install a new set of wheel locks that he had in stock. He then told me to grab a coffee and read a few minutes. Within 10-15 minutes it was all done and I was out the door for just over $100. This was one of the best service experiences I’ve ever had and I was so impressed with Johnson’s can-do attitude and willingness to help me. I’ve had my mercedes for 8 years and been to another MB dealership many times. Not there the other MB service was bad, but I’ve never received such quick action and honest service. There was no hint of upselling, or making an appointment with Service Dept. etc. If these two guys are any indication of the kind of team they have at MB Surrey, they must have a truly amazing team. Thank you so much Johnson, your underling and MB Surrey. 5-stars all the way. Dave"