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"I was researching the GL models in 2014. I had never owned a Mercedes Benz vehicle previously. My wife and I had visited another dealership and came away feeling like we didn’t belong in this exclusive club. Jason was so different. I had read about an emergency handling issue with the GL that I needed to understand and resolve for myself that had been treated dismissively at the previous dealership. He listened, did his own homework and arranged to take me for a test drive to a large unused paved area on which we could practice the maneuver that I had read about. He drove at my reqest and was able to replicate the exact understeer issue that I had read about. He was candid and did not try to dismiss or gloss over the vehicle’s performance but did help me put it into context. He allowed me to assess personally the likelihood of this issue ever presenting an risk that threatened my safety of that of anyone else in the vehicle. I was totally impresssed and would recommend Jason without hesitation to any friend or family member. I bought the GL. I was less impressed by the receptionist who seemed like she was doing us a favour by taking her time to speak to us. It was this attitude that had caused us to abandon the previous dealership. She is the reason I only gave four stars to the dealership."
Omar Mercedes
2 days ago
"Island Ford is one of the best dealerships I have been to. My experience dealing with Island Ford was excellent. The staff members there make me feel like I am Priority#1. The sales team worked with me to make the deal done in the same day with a reasonable price. I highly recommend Island Ford for whoever looking for an exceptional customer service. "