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"These people exhibit the most awful customer service I’ve ever witnessed. They treat you like dirt irrespective of what you’re there to buy. I didn’t end up buying a Mercedes and went with Audi. I think they will hate you if you’re not white. "
Nursie Ouchie
"Our car maintenance was done November 8, 2018 but was forced to bring the car back on Nov. 12. Our car got towed away to Whitby dealership. Was something to do with ESP failed. It cost us $1,253.00 and change. For the amount that we pay, no courtesy car provided. Our car not available after 2 days, have to cancel my doctor's appointment. At the time that our car is ready, someone pick us up from our house, a two door sports car, the man doesn’t even know how to pull the front seat to let me in as my husband was with me, to get in the car. We even asked him how to pull the seat down to get and flatly said ‘ I don’t Know’ my husband struggle and found a knob somehow. Altogether not very good experience at all. Thank you"