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"Great service; great dealership. Highly recommend. When I had (or thought there was) a problem with the vehicle, Ken took care of it right away without question. Turned out that that the problem was simply a loose gas cap, however, had it been a serious problem, no doubt in my mind that they would have taken care of it right away. Thank you guys."
Ambra Tescione
"I had purchased a Mini Cooper 3 months ago and needed to fix it few days ago. The car has been giving me lots of problems and when i went back to the Crowfoot Hyundai's dealership to let the manager know that it was unfair, he was very arrogant, rude and lying all the time. He said I was assuming that something was not checked properly, but then how do you explain the problems the car has? I have used it only to go to work and for few kilometers. These people are not honest at all and they overcharge you. When I had asked how much the winter tires would be, they asked me for 2000 dollars...just insane. Finally, I had to pay 450 for a new battery, because obviously they gave me an old battery and I decided to take my car to be checked at the Mini Dealership and they said that the breaks need to be changed, there is a problem with the engine and fuel in the engine oil...all after I had just taken from the previous dealership, which means they did not even fix it properly. Unbelievable! Would not recommend their services at all."