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Shaan Mohammed
"Great experience @ Volvo Toronto! Marti, Moe & Omar & the whole team! They really made the deal happen. They worked really hard to make everything smooth and comfortable. They checked in afterwards and made sure all was well. Definitely check them out. "
Does it really matter?
"I was led to believe I was going to get a car within a specific amount of time because it was 'here' he said, which also meant at the holding facility... that takes days to arrive and then only a few hours needed at the dealership... blah blah blah... and because I thought I liked him, I took his deal even though another location's deal was better.. and also because I thought getting it from Budd's meant something... and then the sales guy just goes MIA, and is also at the auto show and knows they are offering $500 discounts and doesn't even tell me about it... and what else? Um, the business manager was black and white and straight forward and made things happen, but it was too late... empty promises, lies and just lame salesmanship, even just sad at a human level that people are so fake. I am happy that I didn't give them my business and I never will at Budds. My letter to them is coming soon. "