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"I purchased a used vehicle at Lexus Victoria at the end of April 2017. Everyone was great, Derek and Quentin went out of their way to make sure I was happy with my purchase! I just went in for my first oil change service and it was the fastest and best service I've had yet! Steve the service advisor was very pleasant and organized! Thanks so much Lexus for taking care of me and my car!, All the Best, Lucia MR "
2 days ago
"Started with a 2010 Camden and now driving a 2012 Mini Coupe was looking for my next new Mini! Was very disappointed on the lack of enthusiasm of the staff, in fact no sales people in the showroom. No real information or stats available for cars in the showroom and a feeling of real disinterest. Sales person came over from the BMW side and was more interested in showing the BMW. I don't understand why there seems to be a double standard at the dealership. Once my engine warning light was on just after purchase, two days after. Was told it could be that I didn't tighten the gas cap tight enough, didn't have the car long enough to put gas in it! Asked if this was common with the car and was told not with our BMW drivers! Ouch! So unfortunately I think I will be checking out Kitchener Waterloo where I have been told they respect the Mini and their drivers!"