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Alex Chen
5 days ago
"Good and quick service. Nice staffs. But no shuttle service which is a small setback"
6 days ago
"Dealt mostly with Kyle who gave great customer service. When i bought the 2018 mini jcw in June 2022 i saw that the alloy rims were all scuffed up probably from kerb damage. So i went to the BMW Mini dealership next door to order new alloy rims and new all season tyres. They arrived from Germany about 2 weeks later. Yesterday i took my mini into the BMW Mini dealer for the wheel change. Upon inspection they told me that 4 out of 5 of the wheel nuts were missing on 1 of the front wheels. The Mini is a front wheel drive car. As im about to drive around the USA in it i was so pleased that i got it checked over by a genuine BMW Mini dealer before departing. Im also pleased that i didnt drive it far or fast since picking it up before deciding to get it checked over by BMW Mini. Today i visited the Harmony Honda dealer and explained the findings from BMW Mini. They werent really interested but were amazed that i could drive it with only 1 wheel nut in place. How much of the 3 weeks since purchase that the wheel only had 1 out of 5 nuts i dont know. They thought that the Mini had been tampered with somehow which i find hard to believe as the Mini is parked under a streetlight all night outside my front door. Why would someone attempt to take any of the wheels if all 4 were already damaged/scraped? The only explanation i could think of was that the 4 out of 5 wheel nuts were missing when i collected the car and i didnt notice or they were all loose and came out during the 3 weeks since driving it. They said that their techs had years of experience and wouldnt have made a mistake in not tightening them up. Maybe/Maybe not, who is to really know. They have a 120 checkpoint scheme for their cars which is a good scheme but mistakes can easily happen in the workplace. My advice would be to potential buyers of vehicles if they are buying a non honda brand to get it checked over by a genuine dealer after youve bought a vehicle. So 5 stars for Kyle for customer service and 1 star for their response when i told them about the BMW Mini findings......hence 2.5 out of 5 stars."