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2 days ago
"I asked for a Lexus remote starter fitting when I bought my RX 350 from them. They did fit a remote starter. I asked five times for the stone chips on the hood to be touched up, eventually the service advisor THREW a paint stick across the counter at me and said “ We don’t do paint chips, you do them yourself “. A year later the car wouldn’t start, I charged the battery and off we go, next day again it wouldn’t start so I took it to a Lexus dealer closer to my home to have the battery replaced, There was a 16 amp parasitic draw on the battery, turns out northwest had fitter a remote starter from Canadian tire and it had gone bad. the dealer replaced the battery and the car would not start. They lent me a brand new RX 350 which I had for a week while they tried to find the fault a week later the dealer called and said the remote starter had taken out a sister ECM module deep in the dash, Lexus had air freighted a new module from Oklahoma ( it seems no one has ever had to have this module changed ever ) He told me to come and pick up my vehicle and to bring copies of the purchasing paperwork, which I did, I gave the paperwork to the service manager and when He saw that what I said was true and in black and white He excused himself for fifteen minutes then came back and said He had faxed my paperwork to Lexus and they were going to deal with it. He gave me the bill and I almost died….A few dollars short of $ 13,000, I must have gone pale because He said “ oh no, just the cost of the battery replacement, Lexus picked up every cent of the bill, The vehicle was a week out of warranty too. I will never buy anything other than Lexus ever again, and I guarantee I will never darken the door of Nothwest Lexus ever again. Ms policaro failed to answer me correspondence every time I tried to contact NW Lexus. Just be aware there are good dealerships and there are Northwests. I have paperwork to prove this and so does Saint Catherines Lexus and Lexus themselves."
2 days ago
"Larry was patient and professional and gave me a lot of knowledge. Learned a lot and helped me find the right vehicle for me. Preparing materials helped a lot and the application went smoothly. He is a very nice and competent salesperson."