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"This is a clean, professionally run dealership. The showroom/waiting area is exceptionally well maintained so that makes it pleasant for customers to wait for their vehicles. They always offer a courtesy vehicle if you want to go shopping rather than sit around. The employees are always friendly and courteous. The service is top notch and nothing is pushed to sell more than you require. You vehicle is always cleaned inside and out. Customers come first. Highly recommended. PS: Of course my RX-350 is beyond reproach for comfort and style, which adds to the pleasing experience.. Regards, Jim MacLeod."
"I really appreciate working with Dallas when I have to bring my car in for service. She does her best to accommodate the situation, like the other day I was getting a flat tire and happened to be in the near of the dealership at 4:30 pm. One phone call and I was there within 5 minutes and parked in the bay...just in time to my PSI went from 27-13 in that time frame. Appreciate the timely service."