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Barry Whitlaw
3 days ago
"Zain Is one of the most Trustworthy,Professional and Knowledgeable Sales Representatives I have dealt with purchasing a Vehicle! If you are looking at purchasing a Infinity vehicle for You and your family, I would suggest you contact Zain!!!,Fun Guy,Full Of Energy and First Class Service! Enjoy The Experience with No Pressure! it was a Honor to do business with him."
Blood Boiling
3 days ago
"This dealership is the worst I have even dealt with. After making my deal we were asked if the ownership should go in both my name and my wife. I told him not to because we did it that way once before and it caused a problem. When we went to sign the paperwork we were in formed that it was put in both our names anyway. This resulted in a problem with the financing and they expected me to drive from out of town back to Sudbury (2 hour waste of what little time I have to complete the tasks I have undertaken with my new business) to resign documents. The person I was dealing with was unwilling to drive to where I live to fix his error and in the end when I gave permission to switch it to my name I was left with a car I couldn't drive for the weekend because I was told, on a Friday, I now have "new plates IN THE MAIL". "