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"Thanks to Tariq Mahmood my trip to Infiniti South Edmonton was great. Tariq was incredibly professional and personable and on top of that I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. Tariq made the entire potentially stressful process of Infiniti shopping incredibly enjoyable. Most important part of my experience was that for all the time when I was dealing with Tariq I was feeling that Tariq is not a salesperson but part of my family and giving me all the advises which was in favor of me. Tariq Mahmood who proved to be extremely knowledgeable of all cars at the dealership. I commend you and your dealership for the impeccable service and care that Tariq provided"
Happy Q50 Red Sport Owner
"The team did a great job on all aspects of the purchasing process. They were all kind, friendly, and honest. No time was wasted with back and forth. "