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INFINITI Dealer Reviews

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"I was straight up lied to by the sales manager when purchasing a "certified used" vehicle here. As part of the sales pitch, he promised brand new tires and replacement of all parts with over 50% wear (as part of the certified used policy). What I got was used tires and an oil change. When I complained, they told me that "brand new" really meant "nearly new", and that "what I said is not what I meant". UNBELIEVABLE!. To make matters worse, they installed 3 different tires on my vehicle which is in direct contradiction to their explicit warning in the owner's manual (mixing tires may result in accidents, personal injury and even death). This may even be illegal as I believe it defies safety requirements. I demanded new tires and they are refusing because I did not notice at the time of sale. Never in a million years would I think that an Infiniti dealer selling a Q50S high performance vehicle would mismatch tires, so it was not something I even considered checking. There is an additional list of problems I don't have time to get in to, but overall, this experience has made me sour on Infiniti and this dealership in particular. Never again. I think I will give LEXUS a try. In the meantime, I plan on filing a law suit "
4 days ago
"Henri is amazing. We got four cars from here. Every time we went to another dealership we ended up to go back and see Henri at good fellows auto. No one has given us the best interest rate we would want or got us a prime bank excepted Henri. He is the one you can trust. I’ll definitely recommend him. If you are looking to buy or financing a used car simply Ask for HENRI. "