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"Provided lots of suitable choice of viehcles for me, with exellent follow up services, and nice attitude. I would definately recommand him to my friends."
"I know alot of people say this place is good. But I rembeer norm asking me to write a good review so I assume they are people who were also told. This was my first car and it was supposed to be delivered on a certain date then was pushed back 3 times. When it came to the 3rd date they told me they are not able to deliver it although I paid a delivery fee at that point I just was happy to get it because I had already spent over 800 in uber fees from the extended wait . As soon as I sat in the car I noticed 3 problems wich were promised to be fixed I emailed and left a voicemail for norm that was not returned . And a 3rd and 4th phone call. Finally my 30 day warranty was almost up with them wich was why they were ignoring me . So I showed up was told I had to go to another location to get it looked at and they weren't available until the 32nd day of warentty so 2 days after it had ended and had to pay for the repairs myself . Not to mention these fixes were never told to me before signing everything. Was also pushed to buy extended warranty for 3800 was supposed to be gold series with 5000 liability again after signing and paying for it was 3000 liability and half the things the brochure said it covered under gold it did not. Feel like I was ripped off badly. "