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BMW Dealer Reviews

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"This dealership is money hungry, and seriously thinks customers are idiots. Really shop around people, and make sure you’re getting the absolute best trade in value, and deal on your vehicle. Make sure you get an offer of some kind of warranty as well. Told my sales guy ( Maddeson - nice guy at first ) it would take a super great deal to get me to want to by this X6 with 80K on it (2015). This sales guy at first low balled my trade (2015 Santa Fe ) which has only 40K, and full warranty ( which he told me was not transferable..LOL, I know better ) – So he tried a low ball – I wasn’t having it. He came up to a reasonable trade in value to his credit – I called him out knowing what comparables were going for, so he did come up – But WOW watch these guys – they will try and F you over man. He wasn’t providing any warranty AT ALL – for me, since my vehicle I was trading in was fully warrantied up and transferable – that wasn’t acceptable to me– He wanted me to pay $6500.00 for warranty – ARE YOU xxxxING KIDDING ME BRUH – Never – needless to say – once I started calling him out on xxxx, and completely countering all his excuses – he basically told me the industry has soured me, and he can’t help me. No Buddy, you can’t help me because I’m educated and I know the games you guys play! You can’t help me because I refuse to get screwed over!! This X6 I was interested in was taken in on trade – I know how they value, and lowball trades, so they got it cheap!!! Then you want to make a ton of money on my trade, and on the sale of the X6, and additional warranty…??? and only lower your selling price $1500.00??? BMW in Kelowna are money hungry and WILL NOT treat you fairly, or make a reasonable deal for you. REALLY research the value of your trade, and other comparable vehicles even on the coast. They DO NOT have your best interest in mind, they only want to get as much out of you as possible, and not stand behind their products. I’d never recommend these guys, and I didn’t even purchase from them, THANK GOD!! They absolutely do not deserve my money. I’m not a sucker BMW Kolowna! "
"Adam is a nice and informative BMW specialist, he helps a lot during my purchase. He knows everything about BMW. Recommended if you want to buy your next BMW. "