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Connie and Gord
"We bought a new higher end fifth wheel from them 2 years ago,it was delivered with a dent in the stove door and the owner who delivered it knew about it and said he would get a new door sent out.we have hounded them for 2 years and still don't have it. Then the cooling unit went on the fridge( cracked on a weld) no warranty cause it's over a year old. so we phoned them in May to order a new cooling system.July12 still no part. Mean while we don't have a fridge for half the summer.They didn't care. We finally went some where else a they got a new cooling system in 2 days and had it in.Cost us just under 3 grand but we had a fridge, no thanks to TRX! I would not recommend this place at all."
"Visited them and brought my vehicle for trade in. The manager gave very very low value. Lower than the BLACK book value, lower than anyother dealer. It was a big difference number. Also they are very jealous from BMW Gallery in the NW."