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"The process of Buying my new X1 was a pleasant experience . The dealership went through everything very thoroughly and was quick to respond to any questions. The sales team was wonderful especially Majed. I appreciated the extra mile Majed goes to with his clients. Like the BIG RED BOW and pictures. Thanks everyone !"
"I bought a BMW X5m from Saskatoon Barlow motors. Lol. The sales man took us for a scoot then went back to the dealership. I got out. Smelt oil. I said it has an oil leak. Sales manager said that they would take care of it. I said ok. So. Get the call and car is ready. So I bring it home. Tried it out on the 2.5 hour trip. I pulled into Macklyn and smoke was wafting from the hood and the cabin was very Smokey. Crawled under neath in the garage. The oil was all over the trans and the bottom of the car. Then I noticed the tires where worn right down to the wires on the rear tires. One shock was wet with oil. Not a pass for safety check. So they said they would take care of it. Thought it back. It went to modern motors in Saskatoon. Went to go get it and the right front plastic fender is cracked. So. It goes to Calgary to be fixed. Guy says it will be trucked on a trailer. It was driven. Comes back and it’s a xxxxty job. Some paint on the door and clearly see where the fix was. Dirt all in the paint. So it sat there for four months. Then they said they tow it off there property if I didn’t pick it up. So. I picked it up. Now for these issues I have bring it to BMW in Saskatoon. I have learned that Barlow brought the car to have it looked at the valve covers and turbo block was leaking oil. The work was declined. Then they brought it to modern motors. And fixed the bottom of the engine and replaced the left front driveshaft as I was complaining about a bad banging sound under hard acceleration. Now I have brought it to BMW and learn that the transfer case is pooched and Barlow knew about all the work required to fix it but didn’t do it. Don’t buy anything from these xxxxxx. The estimated cost to fix is $20000.00. The original sales guy now owns carget on 51st in Saskatoon don’t go there either."