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"I was very disappointed with the response I received from the dealership in response to my issue with the 2017 Acura MDX I purchased from them September 15 2021. They replaced the front pads and rotors at time of purchase, with a odometer reading of 65,543 km. I now have 75680 km on my vehicle and the brakes are shuddering at every stop. I have never had brakes wear out in 10,000 before in my life. I do not ride my brakes. This is my third Acura and have never had brake issues before but to the contrary, they seem to last forever. I expected them to step up and try to address my problem. My complaint is not with the service department as they were just doing as they instructed. It is for this reason that I will not be having any service done with this dealership unless they can see their way in resolving my problem. It is the management department I am having issue with and for this reason I will be writing to Acura Canada. "
4 days ago
"We recently purchased the ILX from this dealership. We were extremely lucky that we got a chance to meet Brendon. Brendon was so helpful, professional and courteous to our needs Brendon went above and beyond and we greatly appreciate it. Policaro is very fortunate to have a genuine, knowledgeable and professional employee representing their company. It was our pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet him and do business with Brendon. Excellent service!"