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Customer @ Preston
3 days ago
"Leigh Heppner goes out of his way to help customers from sales to service. Service staff and odyssey shop staff are very knowledgeable and curtious. Jim,Candice and Steve did excellent job."
"Went in for fuel filter change. They said I needed an oil change as well. It was not ready to be changed anyway they changed the oil in order to change the fuel filter. After leaving, the check oil light came on.. So I checked the oil level and found it was down - very low and the oil LOOKEd dirty. After going over my bill, I made complaints on pricing - they did things that I never asked for -lubrication gear - rear and front - at 80,000 kms. The pricing was astronomical. They said they did lubrication to the transmission case - this was not asked for. After checking out pricing and taking the vehicle back - I spoke to the Service manager- who left shortly - He was supposed to get pricing on 6 new tires - never did- never called back. I got the tires elsewhere. "