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"This is my 5th BMW, can't wait for my lease to finish in 3 months. BMW Canbec service is the reason I will not be buying another BMW. They always play the run around game. They acknowledged my BMW 340i had an issue 6 months in the lease, but said they had to contact BMW Canada to open a "puma" case. Never heard form them again. This is just ONE example of many. "
Africa Murray
"I’ve always been blown away by the awesome service experience at BMW. A service advisor once rolled up his sleeves and used a wrench to fix a small but urgent problem. And the technical knowledge and professionalism from the advisors is tremendous - especially Bryan Livingston. I’ve had to stop in to BMW at 7am on a Monday morning without advance notice and I was on my way with a loaner within 15 mins. Admittedly, Sometimes it’s a little confusing figuring out “who’s next” when customers are clustered around the service desk - but that’s a small thing. Terrific place and an excellent team. "