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Joe joe
"Lots of racist white people..they size you up and huff and puff when they see you that you're dressed better than them.. Im Not Chinese by the way. Filipino born in canada white boy.. Oh, and I make a six figure income too..lol! Hurts dont it?😁"
2 days ago
"Been twice and never again with there non-sense and no idea what they do for BMW. Horrible experience with them when I ask to put brand new battery and took more than 4 hours to find out how to start the car. Lots of excuses and charging 4 hrs for nothing. Second, it was for engine vibration and misfire, again they cannot determined what's trigger the misfire. They recommend anything to change parts which has nothing to do. Finally they ruin the driver window panel with spell of water either when they wash or left the window open while its raining??? What the heck :( not really a happy camper after all."