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"This has to be the worst place to book a service appointment, I started on Monday and it's now Friday, with the exception of Thursday I have called every day left messages for the service appointment coordinator (they never answer the phone, always goes to voice mail, and don't return their calls ) so I try to speak to an advisor and they transfer me to the appointment dark hole . I guess they have a substantial clientele and don't need anymore. Don't bother responding, I really don't need a song and dance. R.I.P."
"I have been a loyal Audi client for over 5 years, I bought my first Audi from another dealer but get my car service here. I bought my new Audi at this location for many reasons, first being the quality and professionalism of the service I have received every time. The rare mistake that was made, the issue was rectified quickly and I was very satisfied. I recommend one of my Audi friends to change his other dealership to here and he too is extremely satisfied "