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cynthia lapointe
5 days ago
"Great personalized attention from arrival to departure with effective communication Problem solvers profesionally Well done "
Steven M
5 days ago
"I have nothing against the employees over at Audi Niagara. But what a disaster, I had my vehicle towed over to them after a transmission failure. And of course everything was going normally. Had to wait for warranty to be approved on the work that had to be done to the car, which I had no problem with. At this time I was told that the ETA on my vehicle getting worked on was at the end of July to the first week of August. No biggie again, I’ll wait. So I wait, and I wait, get no call at the last week of July. So I decided maybe I should call and do a follow up. Come to my surprise that the replacement parts have been delayed and are still in Germany, which I thought okay. Normal thing, the world is hurting right now. And I was told to wait within the next few weeks. So I do, and I had a representative show up for me while I was away to just speak with them and get more information. They told my representative that I should be expecting the car to be worked on and done on the 28th of September. Skip to Monday the 19th of September and I call to follow up. The service assistant manager, whose name I won’t mention. Told me that we were waiting on a final part. The Mechatronic, I was told that the part was nearing Toronto or has already reached the port and should be coming within the next week or so. Now this week, I call on Monday again for another follow up, and they told me they would call me back after they get some more information, I was like odd but okay. And this morning on Tuesday, I wake up to a call and I’m being told that I will now have to wait until the end of November for my car back? But this time it wasn’t the mechatronic. Apparently they don’t have the complete transmission either. Their blame was on the hurricanes happening out on the east coast. Yea I get it causes delays, but wasn’t I just told that the part was nearing Toronto or already at port? Lots of lies are going around and it’s a very sketchy experience. I was given a rental. But had to pay 180 for two days after a week. Talk abt taking care of your customers 🙄 it’s absolutely absurd that something like this would take 5 months. My car is not rare and neither is my transmission. In fact my car is 7 years old still covered with warranty. Multiple people stand behind me in this, and it’s just not right. 2 complaints to Audi Canada, and I’m still getting pushed back further and further. What’s next, because of the winter storms I’ll be getting my car in summer 2023? Where does the line get drawn?"