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Paul B
"The sales team at this Volvo location are a delight. Servina and Mo helped me and my family decide on a vehicle. They were very kind, honest and real. I am the type of person that hates bullsh*t and car sales experiences have always been uncomfortable for me. I often feel like I am walking away from the experience as though I've been played. This was not the case with Servina. Servina and Mo's follow up have also been great. Spending time with us after the sale to ensure that we understand the sophisticated system that Volvo offers. Sometimes my wife and I joke that we need to buy another car, just so we can hang out with them again. I would recommend walking into this location and asking for either of these pros, you won't regret it."
"Hi Guys. If you want to get a wonderful car in a good place you have to go to Volvo Villa. I do not know about a service department, however a sale department is highly recommended. Omar and Boris worked hard to accommodate all our requirements with the special care from a drive test to delivery. Because it was our first experience with Volvo, we had a lot of thoughts and questions which were patiently answered and explained. If we will consider to get a second Volvo, it will be there - at Volvo Villa. "