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"DO NOT LET THESE GUYS TOUCH YOUR VEHICLE!!! We called the dealership when the key wouldn't come out of the ignition. Yup, there is a problem , but it is covered under warranty. Fantastic! Spoke face to face with an advisor- yes it is a special coverage item, no problem! We had the car towed to the dealership at our expense ( by this time the battery was dead because the key was stuck in the forward position) We get a call a couple of days later saying that the key was out, but the car needed a new battery and alternator ( they were "fried"), and they wouldn't do the warranty item now because they got the key out. Quote for a battery and alternator was 1500.00 plus a diagnostic fee of 160.00 Um.. No. We had the car towed out of there, and then found out it was running just fine!! 2 other mechanics have looked at it since, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the battery or alternator. They are scam artists pure and simple"
Malibu gal
4 days ago
"Our tire picked up a sharp piece of metal on 404. It was towed to dealership under the coverage that came with our Malibu. Tire was repaired quite promptly. "