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Pontiac Dealer Reviews

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"RAM came in for what I thought would be a minor repair on my tire monitor. service advisor checked out message on dash. then mysteriously there was a small gasoline puddle under my car unfortunately I'm not too swift on the uptake so now I'm told I have a fuel line leak when I got to think about it later, the service advisor was sliding under the car and spraying gas on the floor before I could look at it. I'm such a fool tire monitor $67.00 fuel line parts $638.43 I can't believe a piece of gas line piping costs this much fuel filter $70.00 labour $467..80 I took the car into the service centre at 11.30 am. the car was still parked in the back lot after noon the mechanic who was supposed to work on it had another car on the hoist and he told me he still had to have his lunch the car was ready at 5:09pm. never mind the fact that I was getting ripped off in the first place. HOW MUCH ARE THESE MECHANICS MAKING AN HOUR!!! I've spent a lot of money at gus revenberg's over the years check my file I'm an easy mark NO MORE!!! when you add everything up the total came to: $ 1250.04 I own a 2008 Pontiac G5 Coupe so the car isn't worth much more than that I blame myself for all of this its not the first time I've gotten ripped but I just let it slide I should have paid more attention to what was going on live and learn "
"I can’t say enough about these great guys! Went to them with a problem that wasn’t taken care of at another dealership. They managed to fit me in even although it was Friday of a holiday weekend and fixed the problem. Great front counter service from Adrian and Lou; a real plus to be greeted as soon as you enter the service area. Five Stars all round 😊"