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"This place has brutal service. We had a car towed here from another shop to flash a pcm. First, they run their computer at $58.99 then called and said the car needed a battery. Hesitant, since I had the battery tested by 3 different places the week before, I had my sister run over a battery an hour after I received that call. I call back 5 days later for an update and they say they never received a battery. So I tell him my sister handed it gord and Bruno tells me that no one by the name of Gord works there. So i go in myself to get the battery and install it. They did not give me a battery because I had no proof that we dropped on off or which one it could be. Talk about unorganized. I send my sister in with the receipt for the missing battery and a page for a Gord flies over the PA. I then get a call from a lady days later stating the car is fixed, ready to be picked up and when I asked what they found was the problem she had no idea. So $200 we pick the car up that night and it has no working gauges or turn signals. So now, my 60 year old has a car again that is not safe to drive. So I call my regular guy and he says he figures they likely fried the body control module. Lovely eh, that has to be fixed at the dealer. I call the manager and leave a message for someone to call and explain my moms bill and to ask why I was told the car was fixed when it is clearly not. My call has not been returned. Mechanic clearly noted gauges were not working on paperwork. The car, now back at parklane Sarnia we need to wait another 5 days before they will have time to run their computer at $58.99 for the third time. They have had my moms car nearly 3 weeks and I towed it there knowing what was wrong with it and got it back with more problems than it went in with. I can't believe how this place operates. Rude and Deplorable service. Take your vehicle out of town."
3 days ago
"Fast service free coffee or tea nice to have well waiting. Always ask if you need shuttle bus. Service writer always comes and let you know if other service needed no pressure to get done unless it is really necessary."