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andre cornwall
"On behalf of my family and I, I would like to thank everyone for the smooth transition in our purchase of our 2007 Pontiac Solstice. The curtious and friendly staff made it easy to deal with. Peter Popovski and Peter D,Costa and all the staff at Toyota on the Park need to be commended for our over and above professional experience. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything. Rating 5 for everyone. Sincerely Andre Deschamps"
"I corresponded with Aladin via e-mail for the purchase of a particular vehicle. I told him I could not pay what they were asking, and put in a counter offer which their site allows for, and has set up. Aladin read my counter offer and said they were interested. He then asked me to come in to test drive the vehicle based on my counter offer. I e-mailed back making it very clear that my counter offer was my best and only offer, and if that was acceptable, I would be glad to come in for a test drive. Aladin wrote back in agreement, and we set up an appointment based on that written agreement. My friend and I arrived at the dealership for the appointment but Aladin was not there. We were told he was at another dealership doing a test drive despite the fact we had an appointment! This immediately aroused my suspicion. The other employee who dealt with us in Aladin's absence, told us the car in question was being sold "as is". I explained to him that as per my counter offer it was being sold to me "certified", not "as is" and this had been negotiated. The employee shook his head and told us that he was not surprised, as Aladin had done this before. A few minutes later the employee again mentioned that Aladin had done this type of thing before. My friend then asked him why Aladin was still employed by the dealership and the employee stated the reason was Aladin sells a lot of cars! We could hardly believe that this was being admitted to. We had driven about 45 minutes to attend this appointment and to buy this car. They refused to honour our agreed terms, and my friend and I left, very disappointed to not be driving away in my new vehicle. It was clear to both my friend and I that this was done purposely, as, according to the other dealership employee, this had been done several times before by Aladin. As the dealership is admittedly quite aware of this practice, and Aladin still works at the dealership and hasn't been fired, I can only surmise that the dealership is actively participating in this illegal activity. Used car dealerships have terrible reputations for a reason. They will lie to you and steal from you at every opportunity. Hence the expression, "buyer beware". You are now forewarned to beware of Oakville Used Car Superstore. You can choose to believe my story or dismiss it. It's your choice. It's a jungle out there for car buyers. Be cautious and good luck. Lloyd By the way, for some reason Dealer Rater is giving this dealership 1.5 stars out of 5 on my behalf, however the true rating by me is .33 stars out of 5. Dealer Rater will not allow me to give Aladin or the overall rating of the dealership 0 stars out of 5, so they erroneously receive 4 stars out of 30 overall, which is still only .66 stars out of 5. (just over .5 of a star out of 5). Why the 1.5/5 rating? "