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"Our experience with our Mitsubishi Outlander 2006 purchased from this dealership gave us a very good experienced. Buying another one was not hard decision. Of course, we had to go back to our agent Manny who helped us a lot with the deals we got for our new Mitsubishi Outlander2017 purchased. Staff were very helpful and accomodating."
"I experienced a problem with my brakes, and immediately called the dealer to book an appointment. Michelle informed me that although they are fully booked for the day they will accept receiving the car as it is an urgent need ( I totally appreciated this quick accommodation). the shuttle as usual was perfect. I received a call from service as agreed to inform me about the status of break after their inspection and I was informed about the recommended service needed and I agreed to most of the recommendation. I totally felt the entire experience was smooth and I am usually willing to pay a fair premium for such good service and experience"