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Mitsubishi Dealer Reviews

Latest Reviews

Raelene Smolley
"My mother and I went to Southside Mitsubishi with the serious intent of purchasing a vehicle and driving it home that day. After a positive test drive, it came down to the numbers. The first slick trick they had for us was presented with the cost , some additional add ons and the cost bi-weekly. I knew instantly the numbers did not add up at all. The additional add ons were presented in a way to make us believe there were included in the cost of the vehicle. No. This $23,000 USED vehicle quickly added up to a $30,000. Mmmm for that price we could have bought a brand new vehicle for 0% financing. Here’s a breakdown of the add ons . $699 prep prep- so basically to clean the vehicle and “polish it” sorry other dealerships present you with a clean vehicle WITHOUT an additional cost $699 delivery inspection- also something other dealerships present you with included in the cost of the vehicle. Last time I checked I’m pretty sure a vehicle with 20,000km most likely doest need an inspection. Even getting a second party inspection wouldn’t cost that much. Last but not least $699 for “fees”. Administration costs. Sorry but I purchased a used vehicle from a dodge dealership. Guess how much those fees were ? ... $28.00 Also note, we were dealing with the manager himself. After going back and forth for about an hour. Having the sales man jerk us around. They were only willing to give us a deal on a portion of the 3M. But only as we were walking out the door that offer was presented. So beware of their tricks and I’d suggest just saving your time by just avoiding them all together."
2 days ago
"From the time of booking to the time I leave, I am always given top notch service. This specific appointment I was booked within 4 days (could have been next day if my schedule permitted). I am given periodic updates, as needed, and my vehicle was even brought indoors as the weather was so awful and my jacket was in the car. Thank you!"