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"I think Jonny Andrew was his name but that’s the advisor that helped me out. Got all my recalls done and had me comepltely taken care of. Got me to work and made sure my car was ready for my arrival well before I even needed it. Excellent service, 4 years ago I had an atrocious experience here but gotta day after my last visit Jonny was able to change my view of this dealership. "
2 days ago
"Our initial purchase of a 2014 RVR at RD Mitsubishi was the worst sales experience ever and then four years later our car developed a rust/corrosion issue on the hatchback above the license plate that has continued to get larger. Before our 5 year comprehensive warranty was up we took the car in for servicing and had photos taken of the rusting. At that time we were told the photos would be sent away for examination and that we would hear back shortly as to what could be done to fix the issue. We heard absolutely nothing so on the next service visit four months later we went through the exact same process but this time the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty had expired. After not hearing back again from the service advisor I finally phoned to inquire as to the status of our issue. I was told that they would look into it and call back. When the call finally came we were told that there is nothing Mitsubishi can do for us as, even though it is common for rust to develop in the area above the plate, the warranty would only cover corrosion in a larger body panel. Not much of a warranty then!!! We are very very disappointed- we regularly wash our vehicles, keep them clean all round, and follow the regular service schedule 100%. We have owned several vehicles/ brands over 30 plus years with no corrosion issues at all even at 10 years old. Our RVR was our first experience with Mitsubishi and while the service staff have been friendly and easy to deal with until this point, we don’t see ourselves ever buying another Mitsubishi again or being able to recommend the product to others. A very disappointing experience..."