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"I have been driving a 2016 Kia Optima for many years. I am writing this review to applaud the Service Department at York Kia and its enforcement of the Kia warranty. During the years I have owned the Optima a new engine, manifold and starter, as well as several recall corrections, have been installed--ALL AT"
"Both USB ports started to malfunction in my new Mitsubishi Outlander 3 months after I bought it. Now they don't work most of the time. I thought that this brand was reliable - it's not. The info screen and dashboard randomly go black, Android Auto mostly stopped working, the speed limit on the dashboard is mostly wrong, and the front collision feature turns off randomly with a warning icon popping up. I took the car for an oil change at 6 months, 5000 miles. They said 40 min wait, it was over 2 hours. Unfortunately, there was a "demo effect" when the USB ports worked while being tested. They said that Mitsubishi has problems with Android software and they can't do much there. So you buy a brand-new car and you are stuck without a solution with a non-working phone connection. Now the ports don't even charge the phone. So, obviously, electrical wiring issues. Since the car is new, it's a matter of horrible quality control. I'd have to leave the car for an extended time, considering how the USBs work on and off, in the hope they won't work when tested so the repairs could be done. I need the car every workday, and the service is closed on weekends, so it sucks. I wouldn't buy Mitsubishi again considering how it started to malfunction almost immediately, and how difficult it is to even diagnose it."