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" Absolutely the best staff. I bought my vehicle from another nearby dealership. I brought my car to the selling dealer about a dozen times to repair a problem that was under warranty. The other dealer couldn't correct the problem and treated me very poorly. When I got fed up with the selling dealer, I brought my vehicle to Yonge Steeles. The staff listened to my concerns and corrected the problem the first time. Navin and Chris provide me with the best service. Paul and Pavlin always give my friends, family, and me the best deal whether it be new or used. If you are considering a Ford or Lincoln vehicle see them before signing on the bottom line at another dealership. They made me feel like they valued my business. "
"When I first walked into the dealership, I met with Mike Boileau. I was in a bit of a rush that day, but I told Mike what I was looking for, and said I would come back to discuss with him further. Well, within 20 minutes of leaving the dealership, Mike emailed me several purchase options regarding the vehicle I was interested in. It was all very detailed and organized, so easy to understand. I had visited other dealerships before and never found anyone to be so attentive and prompt as Mike. This made a big impact on me, and I knew I had come to the right place. The vehicle I wanted was not easy to get, but Magic Mike pulled it off and I could not be more thrilled. My new Navigator is everything I thought it would be. Thanks again Mike, and all the staff at Fines for making my purchase experience so enjoyable!"