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Lincoln Dealer Reviews

Latest Reviews

5 days ago
"I bought my 1st car 48 years ago. 100+ cars/pick-ups/SUVs/sports cars. Every sale a "breeze." No hiccups. I've bought 11 new cars/trucks in the past 13 years. This time at Waterloo Ford/Edmonton? This experience made up for all those 48 perfect years. I was pressured with "You have to sign the deal within 5 hours or the financing is expired." Uh, uh. 1st off delivery was delayed 1 week due to a wheel needed replacing. 2nd upon expected delivery there were "swirls" over all the paint and a 2+ ft. white, deep, scratch on the driver's door deep into the black paint. Car went to another Dealership's body shop for another 6 days. Tried 2nd delivery 1 Tried 2nd delivery 1 week later but car still not in delivery condition. SYNC functions not working properly. No salesperson showed me key features and operations thereof. 5:00 pm. and basically "here's your car. Bye." Contacted Lincoln Customer Service and opened a case. They checked my VIN and advised a small software update was required for my car. In service the next morning. After 1 1/2 hours SYNC still not working properly and Shop Foreman advised he'll contact Ford head office and see what's up. I took the car away for lunch and guess what? 30C hot day and the a/c was not working! Tried the panoramic roof and upon closing it rumbled, shook and made a terrible noise. Called the Shop Foreman and arranged to go directly back to Service. What an experience! During that period this "Sean" guy, (Service Fleet Manager??), inserted himself into the equation even though it has absolutely nothing to do with him. I was officially still in the "sales cycle" and services were being overseen by the General Sales Manager, (who I've bought 10 new vehicles from and 100% hassle free at his previous Dealerships). This "Sean" character was extremely nasty, rude, yelling, intimidating, threatening to "kill my deal" and even physically assaulted me." He said Waterloo would not service my vehicle and to take it anywhere else. He made other threats too. Waterloo had me sign the purchase agreement 3 times on 3 different dates re: "an error." First 2 times the mileage of my new car shows 1,008 kms. 3rd time? "Poof!" Mileage written down was 10,450 kms. Oh, the same "bait'n'switch" on the financing. I had to sign it 3 times re: each resigned purchase agreement required a new financing agreement signed. Guess what? First 2 times my loan period was 72 months. 3rd time? 61 months magically appeared. I have an open case with Lincoln Customer Service. They have "come to the plate" and are GREAT!! "Yes" I have engaged a seasoned, experience solicitor. It gets better. After only driving 450 kms. the "Change Oil Soon" warning comes on?? Seriously? I suspect that this car was on it's original, factory oil and basic, routine service had not been performed, (I had learned that my "new" car had previously been a "loaner"). The General Sales Manager "stood up" and covered the cost of my oil another Dealership."
6 days ago
"Thank you for helping me find the perfect car for our family ! The process was fast and Luis Frada helped answer any and all of our questions to make us feel like we were making the best decision for us! "