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"Great dealership and service department. Jim - the Lincoln Valet Driver goes above and beyond. Really appreciate the care and attention they take with my vehicle. "
"I was excited about my 2015 Lincoln MKC when I purchased it January 2018, as it was CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED Lincoln. It was sold me as “worry free” and reliable. However, in the last 12 months, it has been sent in for repair 4 seperate times. Each time I contacted them about service, I felt like I was a bother. After the third time of not starting, I chose to take my vehicle to another dealer as I felt the issue was misdiagnosed. It was! My local dealer is unwilling to cover the repair as they are simply a middle man in the situation, I get it. When reaching out to the GM of Fines to explain my frustration and disappointment via both email and voicemail, as of this writing, I have not received a response. I would not recommend Fines Ford, as I believe they sold me an unreliable vehicle. I do not trust their service department as they do not complete thorough checks of the vehicle when brought in for service, and by their lack of response I feel they do not stand by the quality of their vehicles or care about their customers once a sale is made. I would be willing to give Fines Ford another chance if they were able to contact me and make things right, but as of right now, this entire situation has left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Lincoln vehicles and Fines Ford dealership."