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"From the moment I walked in I felt at ease, the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing, I wasn't sure exactly what I was lookin for they listen to what I wanted and found my perfect match. Harley, Amanda and the rest of the team were very accomodating and patient at no time was I rushed or pressured, when a decission was made and it was time for financing I did not feel like I was in the principals office. Everything was explained prefectly and I am very happy with my purchase. I recommed this dealership and will never purachase a vehicle from anyone else. "
"I'm not happy with this dealership because they say one thing upfront and when u order the vehicle but when u pick up the vehicle they will ask u to sign the paper work before you could see the vehicle. What I order on my vehicle was not there when I asked they said it was an error and I didn't ask for it when I originally order the vehicle. I have the contract which states it is on it and they charged me when I picked up the vehicle. To there defence they said it was a mistake and they gave me the money back for it."