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" Bought my last three cars there just because of service I have never been disappointed last car dealt with Mark Higgins he was great will always deal and tell everyone that this is the place "
Ken Singh
"I recently had this issue with my new Hyundai: I tried to start my car and when I would press the push-start button, all the lights on the dashboard etc. would just turn off and it seemed as if the battery just went dead. I couldn't lock or unlock the car, couldn't open windows, the trunk... anything. Without warning the lights would come back on and when I tried to start again - the same thing would happen. This would happen a few times and then without warning the car would start. I took it into the dealership as it is still under warranty and the service manager at the dealership saw this issue first hand - he wasn't able to start the car either and the same happened when he tried to start it. The dealership took the car in and called me in a few days to pick up the car. When I went to pick it up they said nothing was wrong and they couldn't diagnose anything and whatever the issue was - it probably reset itself - so I can take my car back. I brought the car back home and the same thing happened again in a few days. This time I had to take half day off work and take the car in. The dealership returned my car again saying that nothing was wrong...This issue continued couple of more times...and each time I would go in the dealership would just return the car without doing anything. Each time they said nothing was wrong. Last week I recorded a video of this...so that the dealership can see first hand and so that I have proof of what was going on. On my way to the dealership my car also stalled (engine just shut off while driving) while I was going 110km/hr and I almost hit the car next to me. This time I was I took the car in and told them not to call me if they haven't figured out the issue. The dealership gave me a rental car this time as well. I just got a call this afternoon and the dealership asked me to pick up the car and I only had until tomorrow to do this. I am not in town. Gary the service manager said...Too bad if you don't return the rental we will start charging you. I asked Gary if the issue was resolved and he said they couldn't diagnose anything. It seems to be that they don't want to put the effort in to really diagnose what's wrong... Given that my car stalled this time while driving - they is no way in xxxx that I or anyone from my family will drive this car until someone tells me what's wrong with it. I don't think me or anyone else would want their family to be driving a car which stops without warning as it is a Huuuge safety issue. I explained this to Gary but he didn't care and pretty much said that if I didn't pick up my car by tomorrow and return the rental then he will start to charge me rental fee. Does anyone have any advice for me how I should get this dealership to do whats FAIR? Or to whom can I report them? I don't feel safe driving my car unless Hyundai tells me that its been fixed... "