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"I was very happy with the overall service I got from Oakridge Ford. They explained everything very well. My only complaints would be that on the day I was to pick up my car they were unorganized. We called our insurance company and they hadn't received the information on the car to be able to put insurance on it. They had called my salesperson and left a message which he never returned. My husband also called the salesman and he didn't return his call either. Ultimately with my husband making several phone calls, the car was ready when I went to pick it up. The salesman must have been called in for it as I was told he wouldn't be in until later in the day. He went over a lot of the features of the car and explained many of them. I will go to Oakridge again when I need an new car, probably a few years from now. "
"I love this car, but even more so, the entire sales experience, the at-home delivery, and the confidence that I have made a great value purchase decision. Cannot describe the driving experience of this car. And really happy to be part of the launch of the new Genesis Brand. Just drive this car once and you will understand."