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"I had a terrible service experience at Gyro Hyundai and with Hyundai Canada. A technician drove my car for 106km without my authorization and sufficient explanation. Despite having my car for 3 days, no repairs were conducted. The service manager was dismissive and did not validate my need for trust as a customer. I brought my car in for repairs on July 14th due to a noise heard upon acceleration. When I arrived, the service advisor told me they may not have time to road test the vehicle until end of day because they were short-staffed. In that case, I'd have to leave the car overnight, which is what happened. The next afternoon I received a text from the advisor, informing me the technician heard the noise and feels it might be the muffler, drive shaft, or axle. Later that afternoon I was told the car hadn’t gone into the shop. I should pick up the car and bring it back on Tuesday. When I got into my vehicle I noticed my gas was significantly lower. I was shocked to discover from the odometer reading that the car had been driven 106km since I dropped it off. I called the service advisor immediately. She said she would speak to the manager right away and get back to me. She did not. When I arrived on Tuesday, I asked to speak to the manager to discuss where the car had been driven and why. I was informed their top technician drove the car home to Brampton in order to diagnose it on the highway. (Brampton is 32km away from the dealership. This doesn’t explain a 106km journey. Furthermore, the reason for the night test was only because they were short-staffed, not for diagnostic purposes. I also did not authorize the car’s removal from the dealership for the night.) Later that same afternoon I was told the technician (not the same one who drove the car home) needed to conduct a road test to pinpoint where the sound was coming from (!!!). What was the purpose of the original 106km road test, if not to pinpoint where the sound was coming from? I asked to have my car back. I brought my car to Don Valley North Hyundai, which was able to diagnose and repair the vehicle efficiently, and provided excellent customer service and effective communication. The source of the problem was a broken turbo feed line. This is in contrast to the incorrect suggestions the original Gyro Hyundai technician proposed (muffler, drive shaft, or drive axle) after his 106 km “road test”. To make matters worse, I filed a complaint with Hyundai Canada, who were equally rude and useless. Roman, a customer relations rep, emailed to say a representative would reach out to me within 3 to 4 business days after an internal review with Gyro Hyundai. When no one reached out to me after 10 business days, I reached back out to Roman. He told me to expect a call from the Gyro service manager, who would assist me. I was instructed to contact the manager if I didn’t receive a call. Unsurprisingly, the service manager didn’t reach out. It shouldn’t be my responsibility to chase down Gyro’s service manager, as Hyundai Canada seemed to think. Furthermore, I can’t imagine how Hyundai Canada would think the manager could assist me, and I have no intention of returning there after this highly suspect experience. Frankly, I see no evidence that any sort of review was ever conducted. I consider driving my car for 106km without my knowledge or consent to be a serious violation of Gyro Hyundai’s ‘Duty of Care’. Hyundai Canada’s non-response means they are equally culpable in this behaviour. "
"This place gave a good service and I’ll continue with them. All the teams are fantastic. Thank you"