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"I came to buy a car. New salesman refuse to give me car info catalog or anything about the cars I was looking at saying I can see in the website. Also I asked about a car not in their inventory and they just said is not available without offering to look in other Hyundai in the city. Did not help I was taking photos of the cars and the sales men already saying goodbye opening the door for me to leave when I was still interested in looking at cars. He didn’t open the trunk when Inqas trying to peak inside. Very rude. Worst experience in dealership. You lost a sale, going elsewhere."
"The facade and shine put on the cars is to hide the potential accidents that the vehicles have been through. I recently purchased a vehicle and the damage was described to me as minor front end damage, and that the car proof was obviously an auto body strategy to claim more insurance money. I was rest assured that the repairs had been done by professionals and there would be no concern. After driving a couple thousand km, it became clear the repairs were pieced together and not done professionally from my perspective. It appears the goal is to make the vehicle presentable on the outside at the time of purchase, and leave you with the ugly truth to deal with on your own. Please ignore the fast talking slick sales lines, its all about the sale, they are not there for you after the sale "