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Angel Goni
"Fantastic customer service that really blew our minds. They fulfilled our expectations and everything was delivered exactly as was expected when purchasing a luxary vehicle. Service was provided to the highest level possible. Thank you very much! "
Susie & Mike
5 days ago
"I have intentionally waited to post a review of my new G70 and Genesis London. I wanted to experience that new car feel - but also my first service visit. I have been researching new cars and particularly the G70 for over a year. It is what every critic has said - this is an amazing vehicle! It is a driver's car - at a great price. Cristian was outstanding!! Knowledgable, attentive, professional and always there to answer any request. This is the most positive buying experience for a new car in my lifetime. I love the no "dicker" - all included Genesis approach. My car was here ahead of expected delivery and continues to be a dream to drive. Thank you Cristian. My first service was last week and Darlene, who continued the first rate attention throughout that day. Did we mention that maintenance is included in that price. I look forward to my years ahead with Genesis and Genesis London."