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Open Road Recreation

Regina, SK

162 Reviews
Open Road is your one stop shop for all your recreational needs, whether it is Travel Trailers to Boats, Snowmobiles to ATVs, Motorcycles to Scooters, Side By Side's to Personal Watercraft's, Water Pumps to Pressure Washers , Snowblowers to Generators and more! We carry only the best! Heartland Travel Trailers, Crownline, Yamaha & Sanger Boats, Arctic Cat/Textron & Yamaha Snowmobiles, ATV's and Side By Side's and more!!! Have a problem? We can repair it! We have trained and certified technicians for all of our units and a full size shop! Visit our fully stocked parts department as well!
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652 Adams St

Regina, SK

S4N 6R8


Top Reviewed Employees

Ryan Dalrymple  at Open Road Recreation

Ryan Dalrymple

Senior Sales Team
Jamie Todd at Open Road Recreation

Jamie Todd

Service Advisor
Troy  Benyei at Open Road Recreation

Troy Benyei

Product Specialist
Barry Leflar at Open Road Recreation

Barry Leflar

Sales Representative
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Latest Reviews

October 31, 2021

"Great customer service! Ryan was very friendly and..."

- mel.watson

Great customer service! Ryan was very friendly and knowledgeable, he answered all of my questions in a timely fashion and gave me lots of time to process. I’m new to atvs, so my questions ranged from common knowledge to I’ll look into that. I was extremely happy with my purchase and with the company I choose to deal with. Ryan made my experience very easy and I will definitely come back in the future.

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Employees Worked With

September 29, 2021

"Jamie is parts was extremely helpful, got the winch I..."

- Lyrical

Jamie is parts was extremely helpful, got the winch I wanted installed properly. Thanks again

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Employees Worked With

September 06, 2021

"Doing my due diligence to WARN other new boat owners NOT..."

- shannon 123

Doing my due diligence to WARN other new boat owners NOT to buy a boat from Open Road Recreation. My husband and I had the misfortune of dealing with “the sales manager” (I am apparently not allowed to include his name for specific review sites to publish) who sold us a 2011 Sanger with 151 hours on it. My husband drove 8 hours to Open Road Recreation with ample notice on which day he would be arriving to pick the boat up. Upon arrival the boat had not been cleaned or inspected to our knowledge and when my husband asked for a lake test he was told they don’t offer those as there isn’t a body of water close enough to provide that service. Strange but ok, keeping in mind we have never purchased a boat before. My husband was asked to return later in the day to pick up the boat. When he finally was able to return he was escorted to sign papers and then shoved out the door to make the 8 hour drive home. We purchased this boat September 28, 2020 and obviously due to the season could not use it so we pulled it to a storage facility to store over the winter. Fast forward to the first weekend in July when we pulled the boat to Koocanusa to enjoy our holidays (which due to my husband‘s job and their requirements had to be booked a year in advance). The boat had been winterized and stored until now, when we took it to the local marina in Koocanusa to have it dewinterized and ran up. The mechanic at the marina advised us that something was wrong and needed attention. We dropped the boat in the water as per his advice and sure enough the impeller was not operational. Nice start to our holidays. We immediately pulled it back to the marina for service and I called “said sales manager” to advise him of what had happened. Clearly he could not be bothered. Instead of being reasonable and trying to come to a comprise which an experienced sales manager would have done, he accused my husband and I of causing the damage. I tried to have an open mind as we are new to this but I could not see how his accusations can be fathomable. Our Sanger went from Open Road Recreation, to storage, to the marina but “somehow” we broke it…??? Upon a full inspection from the marina it was currently at, the impeller was never changed and the damage to it was not something my husband or I could have contributed to. The “sales manager” at Open Road Recreation seems to think otherwise. I wish that was the end of it but it gets so much worse. Keep reading. I was so upset and appalled at Open Road Recreation for refusing to take any responsibility for the machines they are selling to consumers that I posted quite a few reviews warning other potential buyers to due their homework before considering purchasing anything from Open Road Recreation. As soon as those reviews posted the “Owner” of Open Road Recreation (a quick Google search will provide that information) contacted me agreeing to help resolve this issue if I removed my reviews. I of course obliged and took them down immediately. I was extremely relieved that this owner was or so I thought genuinely concerned with the fact that they sold me a broken boat. I had several conversations with him letting him know that it was still at the marina and upon changing the impeller and doing several water tests, there was a lot more wrong with this boat than just the impeller. I have an entire invoice to support that $2400! 2 months later and almost every component changed including a complete pump assembly and the boat was still not functioning when water tested. Our mechanic even called Sanger to diagnose the issues. Several phone calls later with no response, I posted yet another review with an update of how horrendous this dealership was and guess who finally gets a call back. My husband explained to the owner how frustrated we were and how despicable the way they’ve handled this has been and “said owner” belittles my husband, yells at him and refers to himself and I quote as an, “xxxxxx professional”. I wish I was making this up. Fun fact however my husband’s speaker on his iPhone is broken so unfortunately he has to take all his calls on speaker phone. He happened to be at work during this particular call and two of his coworkers got to experience what dealing with this dealership has been like. Needless to say we have gotten nowhere as of now. The owner had stated he would pay half of the invoice for the repairs that had been made so far but if more repairs were needed that we would have to bring the boat back to Saskatchewan to have his mechanics work on it. We told our mechanic to stop working on the boat, invoice us and we were going to pull it back to Saskatchewan from B.C. where it was currently sitting. Yep the invoice came and the owner refused to pay! Seems like a small amount to pay given the circumstances and the fact he made a point to tell us he owed 6 other dealerships. Which is honestly scary to think of how many people he has possibly railroaded along the way with his shady antics. Moving along, we got the boat back to Alberta and my husband was going to drive it back to Saskatchewan on his 4 days off which is all he gets working shift work. The day before my husband was to leave to make the drive to Saskatchewan the owner called and said he would send a truck to pick the boat up and for my husband to enjoy his 4 days home, he also stated we had the option of trading our boat in on a brand new $140,000 Crownline! Sir…if you couldn’t sell me a functioning $50,000 boat why would I buy a boat for almost triple that given our experience. We declined his offer. He then said he had 2 other boats in our price range coming in on trade that he would personally go over, deliver and provide a water test with a wake boarding demonstration. Now that I was impressed with…BUT that never happened. No boats, no communication, no delivery, no water test with demo AND he didn’t pay our outstanding invoice with our mechanic. Do you see a pattern here. The boat sat in my driveway for 2 weeks. I sent a rude message to the owner as at this point I am at my wits end. My husband gets another phone call (love the back and forth where literally nothing gets accomplished) saying the owner has arranged for US to now drive the boat to a 3rd party mechanic in Strathmore for repairs to get this boat up and running. Shake my head. WE drive it to Strathmore, no truck came to pick up like he stated, it didn’t go back to Saskatchewan, WE had to drive it to Strathmore after pulling it home from B.C. We get it to Strathmore for the mechanic to look at and ask for a water test but this mechanic is too busy to water test it as this was just dropped in his lap from a dealership he normally doesn’t deal with. The mechanic in Strathmore did advise us we should definitely ask for our money back. With no water test available and the fact that I don’t want to get stuck with another bill the owner “claims” he will pay we headed back to Strathmore to pick up our boat and that is where things stand. So if I can save one other family from having to go though this experience, then it’s not ALL a loss. The customer service is horrendous. From our experience the machines they sell are not inspected and if you don’t know any better be prepared to pay out of pocket for their lack of integrity. They assumed Zero responsibility for the condition or lack there of of this boat and even went as far as to belittle my husband and I. The “sales manager” did acknowledge that they didn’t feel the need to replace the impeller (which turned into a whole other can of worms) as to their “standards” it was fine and didn’t need to be replaced. A 2011 with 151 hours being sold to new owners with little to no knowledge of its previous history…I’m so glad he felt it was “fine” very hard and expensive lesson for us. DO NOT BUY A BOAT FROM OPEN ROAD RECREATION. This could be one of the reasons they are not BBB accredited and have many unsavoury reviews. Something I will definitely be looking at when we purchase our next boat or trailer. Aaron & Shannon McDonald

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  • Authorized Parts Store
  • Authorized Accessories Store
  • Instant Financing
  • Customer Lounge Area
  • Shuttle Service
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Drinks
  • Pet Friendly
  • Free Coffee
  • Vending Machines