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"In a relationship that has spanned 30 years and 8 Jaguars to date, I daresay the team at Budd's Imported Cars must be doing something right. My special thanks to Ray Beck, Ian Draper and Terry Budd."
Jag Man
"The actual scheduled maintenance service was fine, but then the service technician careless actions caused an entirely avoidable damage to the car .. the car antenna was smashed when taking it through the post service call car wash due only by negligence and a complete lack of attention on his part as follows The XK8 has a power retractable radio antenna that telescopes upwards out of the rear fender up with the start of the audio system. When I went to pick up the car, then car was pulled out in front of the dealer door for me all done and washed nicely post service call. , So far so good... BUT.... had I not decided to put the convertible top down and physically walked behind the car, I would not have noticed that the power antenna was now fully extended and partially broken in two The antenna was fully extended and bent into a "J", and half-broken in two at the base and barely hanging in the upright position .... all with the audio system off. It's supposed to have the antenna automatically retracted into the rear fender in the "down" position. Immediately I went back in to the service depaRtment plenty pissed now. THAT's when they finally fessed up that one of the "younger" techs (????) had taken the car through the carwash and decided he would amuse himself by turning on the FM radio during his 5-minute wash cycle. That's what caused the antenna to extend and was smashed during the carwash cycle What really pissed me off further was the off-hand lame service advisor comment that it was an "unfortunate event that happens from time to time". Really??? I pointed out that the FM radio was manually tuned to a different station that was not in my FM presets as prima facie evidence that was was manually tuned by the tech while he was sitting in the car during the wash cycle ....Playing the radio caused the power antenna antenna to expand and the car wash cycle broke it ... The tech took complete focus off his task at hand. The service advisor now admitted that it actually happened the day before and they simply "forgot" to fix it and ALSO "forgot" to inform me about it. But they had a smile on delivery as I was about to drive off as-is. I demanded they fix it pronto while I waited , with a new free replacement , and this they now did. MY TAKEAWAY: The tech's careless conduct, the service advisor post-accident lame comments, and BUDDs failure to fix it or even tell me about it initially, makes me scared what other issues can happen during daily service events. That service event now me to forego leasing a brand new 2019 JAG F-PACE in favour of leasing a brand new 2019 LINCOLN NAUTILUS three days after the unfortunate event."