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Jaguar Dealer Reviews

Latest Reviews

3 days ago
"Never wrote a review for a dealer before, in fact wouldn't go within 1000 feet of most stealerships. BUT I reluctantly and with eyes and ears wide open, cautiously went and bought a Jag convertible from them that they had traded in. Mark the used car manager was straight, honest, no bs, no tricks, accommodating, helpful, his salesman also was true to his word. In short everything you'd expect from a dealer but most people get the complete opposite. They were easy and no pressure, and the car has turned out to be fantastic and a bargains since I know what they paid and the price I paid was a very reasonable markup and no hidden charges. Wow! Can't believe I'm writing this. One minor scare may or not have been their fault ... The oil filter came loose a week after I got it causing a severe oil leak but hard to say if their fault or not but tightened it and no harm done and was ok for a week and a half so I wouldn't hold it against them. Fantastic deal, great sales experience... I've bought dozens and dozens of cars and would never have said that about a single one before this deal at Wendells so VERY GOOD JOB GUYS!"
6 days ago
"We just experienced the worse customer service in the history of owning a car! First, let me say that we owned 5 Jaguar vehicles since 2014. All were purchased and serviced by Jaguar Thornhill in Toronto. We have always received great service at this dealership which made us come back year after year. We recently moved to Ottawa and needed to get our first-year oil change completed along with software update and get our rattling speakers repaired under warranty. When we phoned to book an appointment, we were told by the receptionist that Jaguar Ottawa will not provide loaner vehicles while in service since our vehicle wasn’t originally purchased there. We knew that this didn’t sound right, so we asked to speak to a manager. We left several messages for Matthew Wood who called us back a week later and confirmed that we would get a loaner and pushed our appointment several weeks forward to ensure they had a loaner vehicle available. When we arrived at the dealership for our scheduled appointment this morning, we were told that we would not be getting a loaner as they had none available. When we inquired why we weren’t notified of this prior to our appointment and potentially rescheduled, they offered no explanation. When we examined our booking paperwork it didn't have any mention of a loner. We asked to speak to Matthew Wood (the manager who booked our appointment) who simply said “I don’t know what to tell you guys, I don’t have a car for you.” There was absolutely no apology or any other solution given i.e. I will rent you one, I will drop you off where you need to go. Absolutely nothing! When we asked for the name of their GM, he said didn't want to give out his name. Only after we insisted he gave us his card while mumbling something under his breath. We ended up taking our car keys and leaving. This manager is clearly missing the basics of customer service – take accountability and solve customer’s issue. He did none of that. Instead he wasted our time as we drove an hour to get to the dealership and sent us a message that he doesn't want our business. After being repeat customers of Jaguar we are extremely disappointed. We want to share our experience in case anyone else is currently considering buying a Jaguar from Jaguar Ottawa. These people simply do not care!"