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"Agreed, I am not your average car owner. I purchase used because there are some incredible deals out there. I maintain my car as well because it relaxes me as well as saves me dollars. Not for every body but when it is it is good to know a there are reputable, knowledgeable and attentive people you can talk to about parts. My Volvo parts are sourced, for the most part, from Bryan at Toronto Volvo online parts. He knows his stuff and prices parts fairly. Thanks."
"Matt is the best did everything to help me...Then Mike got involved trying to upsell me service packages and telling me I needed tires despite the face that my tires were still perfectly fine and started telling if I get new tires I need to get a front end alignment and to expect needed repairs to my suspension because of my cars mileage... I asked if the parts were worn out and he told me that is what Volvo recommended...So let me get this straight there is nothing wrong with my suspension probably just an alignment, but i should get my suspension replaced even though nothing is wrong with it...HEY MIKE GO xxxx YOUR SELF YOU SCAMMER...i WILL TAKE MY BUSINESS SOMEWHERE ELSE."