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"Closest dealer to me after the dealer I purchased from closed. They damaged my car and then basically said I can't prove it was them, and refused to make it right. Service adviser is useless and GM dismisses everything. Disrespectful and unhelpful. Would never buy here and won't buy another Volvo again."
"Service manger Dave Longo is not occupying the right position!! Not professional. Brought my XC60 for regular scheduled service, and agreed about cost and pick up time, than a phone call to advise oil leak from break line as they were flashing brake oil, which I never noticed any oil spots where I park my car, neither a message on dash board to add up break oil!! I said ok, Another call to advise broken springs, which I never heard any unusual noise, and agreed to fix it and Volvo Villa service manager confirmed to give me a loan car as parts were not available! Than 2 hours later, another phone call to let me know that I can not get a loan car and I have to pay half of the rental!!!! Although the repairs cost was about $2k!! Do not trust this dealer ship!! All what they do is charging for repairs or part replacements that are not nessasscery or braking parts while fixing something and advise they need a replacwmebt so they can keep their jobs. Big dissapointment and will never go back to Volvo Villa. On top of that, they didnt Top up the windshield washer fluid but claîming was topped up on the invoice!! "