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GBVolvo s Best
"I’ve been a Volvo owner since 1999. Our family has 3 Volvo’s being maintained at Volvo Wpg. The GM - Matt is the best manager I’ve ever dealt with in a dealership. The service staff are amazing. Silvino makes sure everything is done right and Jamie is there and as caring as well. Craig, Darrell, Ivan are the best Volvo mechanics. They work on the car as if it was their own. Parts staff and Cam always helpful. The new service manager is good to work with. "
"I've been a service customer there for many years, but lately the quality has gone way down. I brought in my Volvo with intermittently working air conditioning. The mechanic wanted to replace the compressor, which needed to be ordered, taking a couple of weeks. Instead of topping up the system while waiting for parts, and wIthout my authorization, they made the system completely non-operational. "Government regulations"! Had I not brought the car in for servicing, the slow leak would have continued, but because I wanted it repaired, they couldn't allow it to work while waiting for parts they don't stock! When I called to complain, the service advisor had nothing helpful to suggest, and when I wrote the General Manager, I received no answer - they did not feel it necessary to even acknowledge my complaint! I will be taking my business away from Volvo. It seems satisfying the paying customer is not their priority anymore."