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Volvo Service Centre Reviews

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4 days ago
"To be clear, the one star attached to this review is only there because it wouldn't allow me to post this without a rating of some kind. I'm not even sure where to begin with this. We bought a pre-owned car from here a year ago, and when I had the car in recently for some maintenance at the independent shop I deal with (whom I trust implicitly), they discovered that the rear brake rotors on the car were not the correct vented ones (required for performance cars), and that the after-market solid state rotors they put on can cause rougher braking, as well as the possibility of the pads slipping away from them. I seemed to recall that Ericksen did a rear brake job on the car when it was traded in to them shortly before we bought it, so I went back to look and confirmed it. I then called their service department to chat about my expectation that they would make good on this mistake/oversight/attempt to save some money by putting on a cheaper product, and was transferred to their Sales Manager Jordan Richard where I left a message on his voicemail stating my issue and expectation. After 3 or 4 days of no response, I called him back, and he shuffled me over to service where I made an appointment to bring the car in for them to 'assess'. Fast forward a week to when I arrive at the dealership with the car, and was given a loaner. The next day I hear from Peter Sukhdeo (Sales Manager) telling me that the rotors are not an 'incorrect part', and that they refuse to remedy their mistake. I chalked this up to the fact that it was Peter whose name is on the work order from a year ago and whose decision it was to go with the cheap, incorrect parts, and that he needed to 'save face'. During the course of the telephone conversation, he actually shared that Infiniti hasn't used non-vented brake rotors on any of their vehicles for well over a decade...but I guess it was perfectly okay to use them on a non-Infiniti performance car they were re-selling. I spoke to the parts and service departments at the local dealership that sells my brand of car during this whole mess, and they reassured me that they would never dream of installing non-vented rotors on my car, and that this kind of shoddy workmanship was unacceptable....especially from a fellow 'reputable' luxury brand dealership At any rate, it became painfully clear that neither Peter, nor the higher-ups at this dealership thought it was worth it to spend the $500 to correct their 'mistake', and instead preferred to have an angry client with a car from them with incorrect parts. Not only does Peter's decision to cheap out carry implications that effect the smooth operation of my car, there is a safety issue at work here, too. For me, it's not about the's about the principle of standing behind your work...and owning up to and remedying it when you are caught making an unnecessary compromise that carries negative effects. I will never, ever purchase a vehicle from this dealership again, and suggest that you check out the Calgary Infiniti dealerships when considering this brand. "
"I had service to fix a timing leak cover on my 2009 Volvo XC90 3.2. It's a pretty big job. Being an older vehicle I didn't want dump too much money into it. The service advisor (Linda) and shop foreman (Mike) worked me to come up a solution. No corners were cut....I know because I work on cars myself. It's almost been two months since the repair and it's spot on. No more leaks! Good repair shops are hard to find. Happy I took it to them.."