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Recreational Vehicles Service Centre Reviews

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3 days ago
"As usual, Jennifer and Derek made sure everything was taken care of on the minor recall issue plus dealt with an unannounced battery issue. Thank you!"
"Dropped 5th Wheel Toyhauler off for repair from tire blowout damage and had them look at my refrigerator which was under warranty on October 12, 2020 and finally picked it up 3 months later! Service advisor calls me Oct 26 and says RV is repaired but they had a little issue when they were moving my RV. They bent my front landing gear at roughly a 30 degree angle and scratched up both sides of the RV. Took about 2 weeks to get the parts in and the another week to repair the damage they caused. They call to say RV is ready, I go by to look at everything. Greasy handprints all over the are where they replaced the landing gear and the repair from the blowout looks like crap as they didn’t take pride in their workmanship at all. A 5 year could apply sealant better than what they did. They totally butchered up the install when replacing the front landing gear as they didn’t put all the sheathing that they pulled off in order to replace it. They could’ve easily gone in the the storage compartment but choose to rip the front skin off. A senseless repair due to Camping World”s negligence. They call again and say it’s ready and I have to inform them again of what’s wrong and missing, I even marked everything with blue taped. I finally picked it up Jan 9th, 2021 and they still didn’t put on the latch to hold my fuel station door open that I pointed 3 times and the plastic molding was all cut short when they replaced from where they had to repair the front landing gear. I just had them give me the parts from the shelf and said I will do it myself. I also had to order Lippert Leg Pins from Amazon because they didn’t take my old pins pff and tried to put some cheap crap on. Still waiting on my reimbursement for that. Needless to say I had to cancel 4 camping trips and my Christmas Disney trip due to not having my RV which should’ve been finished in roughly 2 to 3 weeks. The refrigerator issue was for the freezer door as it was building up frost on the door, they took it upon themselves to do a whole test on the system which wasn’t needed as it works fine on electric and LP. They did let me know that I had a gas leak from a regulator on one of my tanks. Kind of funny how that happened when it’s was fine when I dropped it of 2 months ago and along with their damage. They wanted to charge me $250 to repair and I said No, I will do it myself for $30. They also tried to say that I couldn’t leave their lot with it not repaired and I said I will turn the tank off or take the tank off...Duh. I WILL NEVER GO BACK HERE and advise all of my friends and other people I meet. I should’ve known better due to the fact that I brought it to them for warranty work years back and it was broken into and damaged along with other things. "