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"I have been dealing with Autoplex for over 4 years. I purchases and would get all my service done there. Since they were purchased by Woody's RV. Earlier this year I took my Sandpiper Fifth wheel in for new brakes and to deal with a squeak in the floor which was in end of April this year. I paid extra for them not to cut the core plastic underbelly but to pull it back to fix the problem. Well this did not happen. They claimed that they did and have proof they yes they did pull it back to deal with the squeak but to do the brakes they cut a 4 foot slit to access the wiring for the brakes right behide the dealer side wheels. Woody's (autoplex said they did not cut it and called me a liar. Second with I hitched up to pull away I did a brake check and found that I had no brakes as they did not seat them up right which means I had to leave it and come back later until they fixed the problem. To confirm that they did cut the underbelly I opened the cut to find yes the cut ends right at the wiring for the brakes. Since then I have had to communication with Autoplex / Woody's as they know they did wrong and are not willing to fix it. My advice is do not get service at Woody's/ Autoplex in High River. They lied to Mr and charged me $2,300 for a brake job and squeak fix and to cut costs, I guess they think customers will not check to see if they did what I paid them to do. "
"So many major issues with a new trailer & dealership has not been any help. Major issues! 5 major issues "